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  • Man, you're blowing my mind. Everything you said is exactly why I love the book so much, exactly why I love turning every single page and relishing every single line as I read, because it really is quite simply one of the most brilliant and well-crafted pieces of literature out there. I don't even know where to begin when praising it - the characterisation of Harry, the influence of Umbridge on Hogwarts, the DA meetings, Grawp, the fight in the DoM and Sirius's death, the fact that the sheer quantity of great moments is a favourable point in itself... It is, for lack of a better word, epic.
    I definitely agree that it was about the journey, as it often is in literature. I almost forgot about King's Cross, though I have to admit it was only through my third or fourth re-read of the book that I realised what the child thing under the bench was meant to be. I'll probably say also The Dark Lord Descending and Kreacher's Tale, but you're right - there are so many high points in the book it's difficult to pinpoint just a few.
    Even so, I think out of the entire series, OotP will always definitely be my favourite.
    Ah well it's a tough choice, but Godric's Hollow and The Prince's Tale are my personal favourites in the book, I think. The Flaw in the Plan seems like an obvious choice but honestly, I wish the ending was a little bit more... I dunno, well done? I don't know, it's difficult.
    Since the reply box for PM's doesn't seem to be working for me, I'll reply here.

    I am pretty busy with end of semester stuff, but I am reading in my free time. Had to reread chapter 2 and 3 to refresh myself on the story, but I'm about to start chapter 4.
    AH SNAP! Chapters three and four were seriously so good! I only caught, like, one or two tiny grammatical errors combined, so you're definitely good! I'm honestly hooked and can't wait to read more!

    (Your inbox was full, so I thought I'd leave you a VM. :) )
    Currently on Chapter 3 or so. Story is looking good so far, not that many things to really critique, though I did find the rise of a completely new evil Team a bit out of nowhere (I realize that this is better explained in your previous stories, so no worries there. I'm still following the story so far).

    (Also, your PM inbox is full)
    I'm a day ahead of you so it's my b-day.
    Also it's Yveltal's too. :)
    Hello, Bulba. I've been trying to reply to you all morning, but it seems your PM inbox has reached capacity... :/
    Yeah buddy no problem. I've actually been trying to give you a review all day. I'm logged into the forums on my iPhone right now because my desktop isn't accepting my forum password. I've pm'd the staff to see if they can help me out because I have a lot of reviews to do but can't really do it on a five inch screen. I'll get a review up for you as soon as this problem is rectified

    Bye I posted this here because your pm inbox is full
    I wanted to say I appreciate your concern regarding my whereabouts and the status of BB. There will... probably be an announcement regarding it in the coming weeks. I was going through a rough phase with, more or less, some bullying both here and at another forum, but I'm working past that now.
    It says your PM limit has been exceeded, so I can't reply to your Pm till you delete some old ones. I'll post what I was going to say here though:

    Hey man,

    I've been away from the forums for an unfortunate amount of time, and I haven't been able to sift through all the pages and pages of stuff about the current and upcoming anime news. What's the happs with Ash? Has his Kanto team returned yet?
    Well I don't know where you left off at, but Charizard has returned to Ash's team for some reason. Its a lot like how Charizard was in early Johto, its just kinda, "there."

    The anime finally adapted the Team Plasma villains from the games and they got a nice arc. I didn't think it was as good as the Galactic episodes back in DP, but it was better than Magma/Aqua.

    Iris and Cilan...nothings really changed with them, lol.

    Right now Ash is just traveling through a bunch of islands on his way back to Kanto, so nothing much is happening but random filler adventures.
    Yeah same! I want him to tell us who the mom is so bad now XD XD It would be cool if in the last episode we got a scene from the future where they're all playing cards (Ted + Mom + Lily + Marshall + Barney + Robin) like Lily and Marshall imagined XD
    Oh really? I mean I love HIMYM so I am happy about that, but theres only a certain number of seasons they can do with their contents, and right now its really only Ted and the mother and Robin and Barney. I hope if its true, that they add in some things like Marshall's and Lily's son or maybe a new son/daughter for them ^^
    I actually thought the writers could be showing us two different marriages. Like Barney's and on the last episode when Lily says the bride is calling him, they change to robin's marriage, which is a different. That would suck though
    My favourite episodes (there are many): The Playbook ; Sexless Inkeeper ; Blitzgiving ; The Naked Man ; Those two episodes about Marshall's dad dying ; Subway wars ; Tick Tick Tick ; The slapsbet episodes ; Robin 101 ; Girls VS Suits ; Doppelgangers ; The Mermaid Theory ; Legendaddy ; The Ducky Tie ; The Magician's code (both parts)
    Barney and robin also, and Ted and Zoey are my favourite :) I also like Ted and Victoria now that she's back, so I wanna see where it goes ^^
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