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  • Yes you should assume that :D I love Barney's character, he's so funny and Neil Patrick Harris really plays it well. I don't think anyone could be a better Barney Stinson than him XD
    I like Ted, he's so funny especially when he's with Barney ;)
    That is exactly what I tell my friends that just started watching himym, I tell them that I could go on for days and weeks talking about how awesome the show is but I don't want to waste their time XD
    What's your favorite episode?
    Hey! How are you? Just wanted to say that your signature is awesome, and I love How I Met Your Mother too haha :-D Whos your favorite character?
    I'm pretty good.

    I see Bulbasaur is your favourite Pokemon. I love Bulbasaur too: It's my favourite Pokemon ever after Charizard! :)

    "I would like to have seen more of an examination of Misty's effect on the group. It bothered me that Misty referred to them as "Ash, you guys!", grouping Brock with them. I guess the five years of traveling together wasn't enough to garner Brock a mention..."

    She didn't try to ignore Brock, she just referred as "Ash, you guys!" because she loves Ash the most, she is totally in love with Ash!
    That episode traumatized me... When I saw Pokemon for the first time as a little kid, Butterfree got me interested and you can say Butterfree got me into Pokemon... And around 15 episodes later, it gets released... I can't even think of it without bursting out in tears.

    Great that you understand, you are one of the few people here who is a Misty fan as well. You should talk to Angel, she's a Misty fan and PokeShipper as well!

    Sure, 4Kids padded it, but even without the dub hints, there is enough for me to base PokeShipping on.
    OK, that's good. I have many reasons: not following games too strictly, Misty, Brock (when Misty left, he became more boring, and the same applies to Ash), Togepi, Bayleef, PokeShipping, humor and emotion (like crying about Butterfree).

    Did you cry when Ash released Butterfree?

    Are you a Misty fan?

    Are you a PokeShipper?

    For me, the answer to all three questions is yes. I can't even think or talk about Butterfree without crying... And I miss Misty... She's an awesome character, and she also made Ash and Brock more fun.
    A watch-through of the entire show? I'd advise you to just watch Kanto, Orange Islands, Jotho, Chronicles and Misty's cameo's in Gen III.

    So, for you liking OS is just nostalgia? Or is there more?
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