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Last Activity:
Mar 15, 2017
Oct 5, 2008
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Dragon Tamer, from here

bulbarawr was last seen:
Mar 15, 2017
    1. Dragons_Rock1988
      you gotta hear these jokes :P

      in america you catch the pokemon. in soviet russia the pokemon catches you!

      in america team rocket steals your pokemon. in soviet russia you steal team rocket's pokemon

      in america trainers use pokemon in battle, in soviet russia pokemon use trainers in battle!

      funny jokes eh?
    2. uae saif
      uae saif
      come and join my clan
    3. sword men
      sword men
      i have a shiny gold geodude female i need a celebi if you can trade or if you got any other event legendary i might condiser trading like shaymin
    4. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      hi do you want to battle in pokemon battle revolution me code 0860-9176-5736 Thank you ^_^
    5. time and space
      time and space
      i need that mew is it shinys
    6. Sasukat
      ya but i cant noiw lol im kinda caught up as i just got a wii 15 mins ago lol
    7. Sasukat
      o ok lol thats what i meant :)
    8. Sasukat
      i have NZ jirachi i want pokepark mew
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    Im a Christian =]

    pokemon, movies, music


    Shard Supplier/Move Tutor:
    List what shards/move you want and Pokemon/Item you are offering
    Looking for:
    Any Shinies (Preferably UT)
    Up for trade:
    Kyorge lv 72 + Groudon lv 71
    all starters
    Can Breed: Adamant Bagon/Gible/Magikarp, Jolly Dratini/Magikarp
    Currently Training: ;149;;230;;330;;334;;373;;445;

    Proud Owner Of Eigakan + 2 Michina Arceus' ;493;
    Diamond: 3824 1427 1411 [Scarlet]
    Platinum: 4511 7772 8170 [LUKE]
    I Only Deal With Legitimate Trades - No Hacks or Clones Please