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Recent content by Bulk

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    Bulk's Team (Phase One)

    Ok, well, as the title suggests, this is my first competative team and I just wanted some feedback on it. Now I stupidly haven't actually become aware of EVs until now so I'm afraid I haven't recorded anything and this is my team as it will stand once its all finished, just a few more levels to...
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    A little rate, please

    Ok, here's my (pretty much) final team. I realise its not perfect but I can't be arsed to do anymore, its taken me long enough to get this far. BTW, I'm not entirely sure on how to calculate EVs so I've just left that bit out, but everything else is there. Starmie @ Leftovers Ability...
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    Nintendo at E3 '08

    - Either Golden Sun wii-make or a new Golden Sun on the DS - Pokemon Snap 2 (on DS, just makes more sense) - Metroid Dread (fat chance though) - A new Zelda, they said TP was the last traditional zelda and the team were taking a new turn from now on, which should be interesting - Star...
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    Official Smash Brothers 4 Thread

    Personally, I'd like to see Pokemon Rival. It just makes sense, imo, but its still a bit of a long shot. He'd obviously have three different Pokemon and work just like PT. Possible Pokemon? Houndour Umbreon Electivire Character deisgn should be based on Gary.
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    Family Guy gets a spin-off

    Er, I am one of the very few who actually like Family Guy? Personally, I hate the Simpson’s now but think Family Guy's well good. It just doesn't take itself seriously, which is brilliant. I don't think this'll be that great but that's only because its a bit unnecessary. Give Brian and Stewie...
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    Official Smash Brothers 4 Thread

    Regarding the next Pokemon stage, I'm pretty certain it'll be called "Pokemon Collesseum". We had Stadium, then Stadium 2 so Collesseum makes sense. And no, this does not mean we'll get Pokemon XD as a stage, a Collesseum is an actual place where fights could occur, like a stadium. An XD doesn't...
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    The Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread, Version 2.0 (SPOILERS)

    Ok, so a European release would be nice... one day... And, I personally plan on maining the four in my banner. Marth due me loving him in Melee, he's just immense. Lucario because apparently he's very good. Wolf because he seems real erratic yet powerful, which is nice. Plus I used Falco in...
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    Case Adjourned No Longer: The Legend of Zelda... is it really rubbish?

    Yes... and they were so much better and more fun.
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    Case Adjourned No Longer: The Legend of Zelda... is it really rubbish?

    I'd like to see some serious time travel in a Zelda game. Starts off as a normal Zelda and thenLink gets warped to the future where everthing is the same but Sc-Fi style. Give him a lazer sword and a blaster and make Epona a hover bike. I remember seeing a fake a while ago that said the next...
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    Idiot. The characters slot in to the selection screen so they all move up one when Wolf slots in. That makes them all line up vertically in game order. And the final boss for SSE better become the ULTIMATE secret unlockable character that slots in finally.
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    If a Smash Ball is an item (which it is) and item switch is still included (which is very likely) they can be turned off. Also, tiers are very important. If you want to be the best at Smash, you have to use a top tier; otherwise you won't win, regardless. Someone who is ace with Shiek will be...
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    Huge RPG Being Shown Next Month In Nintendo Power

    Wait when is this issue out? And for my two pence, it'll be one of these, imo. Super Mario RPG Dragon Quest IX Golden Sun 3 Mother 3 or... Super Smash Bros. RPG
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    Mario will have at least Luigi as well, possible Bowser Jr./ Shadow Mario and Geno so it works out more like this. Mario - 4+ reps Pokemon - 4 reps Zelda - 4 reps Doubt anything else will get more than those three, even Metroid. It looks like Ridley will become a boss and we'll just have...
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    Regarding Wolf vs Krystal etc, why not just remove Falco and put both of them in. Sure Falco is the coolest guy on the planet but he is essentially a heavier Fox. Therefore, why not just give him some new moves involving heavy-firing guns and make him Wolf. Then put Krystal in with her staff and...
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    I've filled the time by playing Melee... again and again and again. I realised I pretty much completed the game October 05 so I'm going for a new special notice thing-ma-giggy. 1,000,000 VS Matches played?