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    I like many people on serebii, but I bet very few of the give a damn about me, so I'll just leave my favorite Members at my Favorite list. In no particular order:
    Aw come on you know we give a damn about you! :D
    A fair strategy, although I wish it would not have to be done. Sadly, some of them lack any infractable things. They manage to be a jerk without breaking the rules.
    About Sincubus, he considers everbody who suggests he be nicer a 'troll' so he doesn't bother posting on their profile. I wish we could report people for being way too arrogant.
    Antidisestablishmentarianism - Bulletproof - 10/3/2011

    Oh yeah.

    This thread op will need to link to view single posts, since there are thousands of English words.
    God damnit Bulletproof, that would have been mine
    I don't get the edit. What does it contribute?

    Sorry, I may sound feeble minded right now, but I don't get what posting the rule adds.
    Now now, that's not true. It's just that Purugly is such an obscure Pokemon, that's why.

    I swear, many people in the topic were saying how much it sucks. The POTW guy had more nice things to say about the poor guy.

    I'm not going to lie, battle wise, all it has going for it is its speed, despite the fact that Purugly looks like that would be its WORST stat. But personally, I really want one on one of my teams, but there's no way to get one in any of the games I have.
    No biggy.

    Also, Purugly as POTW? Don't get me wrong, I like Purugly more than anyone, but it kind of seems like a waste of a POTW to me.
    XD I know how you feel someone asked me to do an animated userbar. At least 30 pages of slides here I come ...****
    I'm such a rebel, I got banned from two IRCs for trolling and three times off GameFAQs!
    Also, it's nice to see another Pisces on the site. I'm too lazy to notice most of the time. :x
    no problem! Mine is something I made, not the best! Do you know how to do a userbar? (not even sure what it means!) I would like a Victini one! Know anyone who would make it for me?
    and in return you can have this completely pointless rayquaza I just made LOL
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