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    (lol. xD, ehm...touch your Vulpix-Formed stone xD) Me: Okay! :3
    Zorua: Okay! >:D *throw ball faster, the car fell apart* Aron! Your Car! D:
    *grab gun* Surrender now! D:<

    Me: You can if you want! ^^ You can't use your CHarcoal then, but I have also for you some Mystic Water! ^^ THat powers up water moves!
    Zorua: Okay! :D The Car must ride away from the dangerous comet, my ball! :D Okay? :)
    Okay I surrender! DX

    Me: Okay! *you saw that the Mew plushie's face turned sad, put it in trash bin, gives you Mudkip plushie* Wait, what do you like more, your Mudkip or Vulpix forme? :)
    Zorua: Hey Aron! Wanna play a game with mine rubberball and your car? :D
    \{=^=^=}/ (DO! >:D)

    Me: You get the Mew doll VUlpix! I can get another doll or plushei if you want! Maybe of a Ninetales or Vulpix, or Mudkip! *gives car to Aron*
    Zorua: *chewing happy at the ball, it makes sound* Fun fun fun~ :3
    \(=^0^=)/ (Give up this war! xP)

    Me (Haha! ^^): Haha, okay!^^ We have, a car, a rubber ball, and a Mew doll! Who want what?
    Zorua: I want the rubber ball! :D *grab rubber ball, chew on it* Yay~ :3

    Me: (xD Lol. xD) You welcome! ANd okay Aron! :D *give Aron the Choice Band* And Zorua surely want the DreathPlate, right?
    Zorua: *nod, grabs the Dread Plate* Yay! :3 Mine Plate! :3
    Me: Okay! Who do want a toy? :3
    Zorua: Me Me ME! :D
    Yep! ^^

    Me: Haha, okay Vulpix! You were baaaaaaad this year. xP *giggling* Yep, it powers up your fire moves! :D *give it to you, grabbing Choice Band* Who want this?
    Zorua: Nah! :p Ask Aron, he learns later much Physical Moves! ;D

    Me: Okay! *give you and Zorua one*
    Zorua: *eats* Yum! I feel stronger! :D
    Me: So! Everyone, sit down on your butt, then you all get a hold item what you want!
    Zorua: *sits down on butt, epicly xD* Okay! :D

    Me: Haha! ^^ *sees Aron's present* That's a Rare Candy! THat makes you one level stronger! :D How many do you have? I have also some in my backpack! Who want one? I have 40 in my backpack! :)
    Shiny Zorua: Me! :D
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