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  • You welcome! ^^

    Me: Let open them! 8D *opens mine* Ooh, I got a bigger backpack with special Pokéballs in it! :eek: What did you got Vulpix, Aron and Shiny Zorua?
    Shiny Zorua: *opens present* A big Meema Plushie! :'D *hug the real-life sized Zoroark plushie*
    Merry Christmas!

    Me: :D
    Shiny Zorua: (Yup. xD) How can you forgot him!? D: I hope he visit this time us! :D *sees presents under tree* Awwww, he visited us already! D:
    Me: Cool! Let's open the presents, shall we? ^^

    ^^ :)

    Me: *still sleepy too* Huh? What? *yawns loud*
    Shiny Zorua: *woke up, really happy* CHRISTMAS! 8D *sits down on the floor* What is Christmas? ^^;
    Hey! I've been good, i"m glad you are ok, i was a bit worried :(.
    Yeah sure just drop a post on in shop that will be good.
    Sure! i will get right on it!


    (lol. xD)
    Me: THanks! ^^ *a few days later, it's Christmas, it's snowing, still sleeping*
    Zorua: *still sleeping, snoring, rolling in his basket* Zzzz...


    (xD You remember you control Aron, right?)
    Me: Hello? Aron? ^^; *hours later, we are done with eating* Man , that was thebest cake, right Aron and Vulpix? *burps*
    Shiny Zorua: *lying at chair* I'm so full...

    (YAY! :D)
    You welcome! ^___^


    (I think. xD)
    Me: Haha! ^^; But Aron, shall I carry Vulpix? And you Zorua: *grab you* And yes Vulpix, candy cake. :3 With melted chocolate on it. :3

    (Okay! D:)
    Well...Apologise accepted! ^^

    YAY! :D

    (Lol. xP)
    Me: Yep, the Candy cake, remember? With Gummy-Beartics etc. :3
    Shiny ZOrua: Yum! *^*
    Me: Aron! You carry VUlpix, I carry the Zorua, okay? :D
    Yeah! D:

    Yay, me too! 8D
    Ha, I know! ^^; Hehe! :D

    (lol. xD)
    Me: Sorry, it was part of Halloween, shall we go to our home to celebrate Halloween? :D
    Zorua: *wake up* Huh? A human! Thank Arceus take me with you! DX I was abadoned here! DX
    Me: Ehm, sure! ^^;
    I know! DX

    Thanks, I missed youmuch. >M<

    No problem!
    I'm good too! ^^ Happpy Christmas and Happy New Year already! 8D
    Sure! ^^

    Me: Who's that Zorua? Does he have a trainer? :(
    Shiny Zorua: *still fainted* 0_o
    I'm back! Sorry for not coming on here often :/ I was busy with a lot of stuff :( Sorry if I made anyone worry! I promise to become more active on here from now on!
    It's also winter break :D So I don't have school! :D
    I'm really sorry for suddenly disappearing on everyone D: I won't do it again! ><
    And wow, lots of people changed their usernames... i don't even know who's who anymore! XD

    On another note, I cannot connect to wifi anymore :( I got a new modem/router and unfortunately my DS cannot connect to it anymore. I tried fixing it but it didn't work. It sucks to say this, as i really love trading with others, but i don't think i can trade with others anymore D: My apologies :(
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