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  • merry christmas to you. and happy new year!

    so been playing pokemon lately? i am still playing 4th gen but i don't buy 5th gen. i plan to wait a little longer to see whether 3rd gen remake is coming up.
    oh my! long time no see bun!

    oh you are the one i give (not mine) shiny skarmory before.
    That stated: I won't be chaining anything until the 12th. I have 4 pokemon to ev train for the VGC tourny (this Saturday) so I really gotta get to that...I'll get to the chain after the tournament, though.
    Welp: haven't started chaining either of the two yet. I've been knocking out trades as well as grinding through the battle subway to get items and whatnot.

    Anyways, I might chain tomorrow. If not, I'll definitely be chaining on Thursday. Sorry for being a bum. You'll get your shinies. Don't worry about it. =P
    I'll surprise you, then. lol

    I'ma get my DW Espeon in 20 minutes or so. But afterwards I'll get the chain going. Shouldn't take too long....
    School > Pokemon. Don't worry about it. lol

    Aipom isn't, unfortunately. But the other two shouldn't be too difficult to chain.

    Houndour and Gligar have the same appearance rate so it doesn't matter which one you want. Be sure to give me the preferred nature as well.
    If you want to change pokemon, that's fine. It's completely up to you. The point of the chaining service was to get people their favorite shiny so if there's something else you'd rather have that's fine. I haven't started chaining Camerupt so switching targets is no big deal. Lemme know what you want so I can get started on it.
    I know you wanted the lowest level possible, but I've made no progress with Numel. The 5% appearance rate doesn't help at all (both starting and continuing the chain).

    So I'll be chaining Camerupt at this point (20% appearance rate), since I should be able to get it for you more quickly. Won't have much time to chain today, but I'll probably have it by tomorrow.
    Sorry for rushing things but...
    can we trade now?
    My fc: 0732 8487 4009
    PD:please, tell me what mudkip you want
    Hi again!
    The move (selfdestruct) can´t be passed, so I will trade you the original munchlax (UT), the mudkip (the best of all hatched/male).
    But... If I trade you the gible too can you add one larvitar?
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