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  • Hey, Bunny! The computer's been mean to me lately. Taking forever to load and logging me out sometimes. >.<

    But before I get you overwhelmed with my ranting, what's up? ^^;
    . . . . No. T.T I was turning around and lost me balance a little, stepping to the side. And at the corner of my eye, I saw something thin and black slither about an inch away from my foot. >.<
    I knew I should've moved, my heart leaped, but it didn't register in my brain in time. So in my off balanced state, my other foot came down about to step on the little thing. >.<
    Luckly, it finally registed in my brain and I moved my foot away in time, almost falling and scaring the snake away. *relieved sigh*

    No, but it was still heart pounding. >.< It was a little longer than a pencil and was black with a white spot on its head. *shudders*

    Uh . . . One wish that came out good --but that's because the 'angel' was being nice.
    The next happy ending's wish wasn't good, but it turned out all right in the end.
    The last one's ending didn't call the 'angel' at all.
    And out of those, I picked the one with a sad/'bad' ending. One out of three. Ha! XD
    XD I wish I could say the samething. Remember when I said I almost stepped on a snake when we were walking? T.T I was terrified!

    . . . . The first wish/chapter. The friendship one. The ending was very random and I was shocked how it turned out. I must've been staring at that scene for at least a good ten minutes. XD
    BTW, there was really one wish that turned out good, but there were three happy endings. . . .
    Haha! XD Well, I'm hoping that neither of us will have to go through that ever. XD


    >.< You know, I searched and searched for it and couldn't find it. When I finally decided to not look for it for a day, there it was! DXDXDX It was an odd ball; a purple cover between lots of whites and blue. o_O
    XD Well . . . one. Main characters, wise. But that wish only came out good because the 'angel' was being nice. She was an angel that time.
    But if you're talking about everyone, then . . . . two, including that one wish.
    XD Yes, I wouldn't like it either, but I prefer that than getting sick or dying over possible snake poison. Think of it that way, and it's not so bad, right? ^^;

    ^^; Yes, I think you're right. . . . But still . . . you never know. . . . >.>'

    Everyone besides the 'angel' is different. ^^ And it's one wish per person, too, so you have to choose your words wisely.
    ^^ Still I get that feeling. But I'll try it. . . . I can always trade it in later. XD

    None that I know of. I know some on Wii (the covers. keeping forgeting the name), but those had bad reviews.

    XD Well, it wouldn't be as interesting if ya wasn't frustrated. XD That's every once in a while though, not for every class. >.<

    Cool! It's been an unbalanced seasaw of hot and cold here. Yesterday I was melting and the day before that I was freezing. >.< But it has been raining a lot no matter the weather.
    LOL XD Yes, but it's better than infected scissors. ^^ That was book six The Secret of Red Gate Farm. Now I'm on book eight, Nancy's Mysterious Letter.

    I found some very promising ones. They teach you how to read codes with symbols, in number with symbol form, hand signs, along with other ways. So once you figure out how it works, even if someone makes up their own code, you get an idea how to read it. ^^
    Never know, you may need to know this code stuff one day. You could discover the location of a secret cult of counterfeiters or save a captured person . . . or maybe prevent the dark plot of a psycho. o.o

    Good luck, it took me three weeks to find it. >.< I'm assuming it's a one volume manga (NOOO! DX T.T) since the creator said 'enjoyed writing' instead of 'enjoys writing' in the authors comments at the end. T.T
    And not yet. I've been looking at it, but I need vol five first and everytime I see it it's never in good condition. >.< So it'll probably be a bit be fore I read it.
    No, I haven't really tried lol >_< She's currently p!ssed at me anyway because she got grounded...
    Not really. I forgot what it's called (some strange name), but there was a game that you could customize your own character and something about fighting freely, I think. I looked at the characters they had and they looked cool, but I get the strong feeling that the game's not as good as it states. Saying "World's number one game is finally on DS" or something like that.
    There's a Luminous Arc 3. XD And 4, I think. My mom says, from the reviews other people whom played all the games gave, 3 is a lot better than 2. Not better than the original, but better than 2.
    I'll probably just end up getting some random game that looks cute yet actiony.

    That's cool. ^^ *long sigh* You have such a good acting class. It's very rare I hear of classes that really do good work, try to get everything together, and still have fun on top of that! Usually they'd just let it be and whatever happens, happens. Often resulting in total failure and embarrassment.
    I'm glad you got a very good class! ^.^ Especially since it's your first, right? Great start!
    I love mysteries! ^.^ The Nancy Drew books gave me inspiration to become a detective. I even went to the library the other day to see about a book about all kinds of codes.
    Yes and no. Agatha Christie's books are more dark, murders usually, and kinda confusing sometimes. Where as Carolyn Keene's books are understanding so you can try to figure out who did it/what and why. And Carolyn's books show a little info on what to do or how to figure something out. Like snake bites. Nancy opened the wound more with scissors (she poured perfume on them to disinfect it since she didn't have antiseptic) so the blood, and, if any, the poison from the snake could pour out. Nice thing to know, right?
    So, Agatha Christie's more story and Carolyn Keene's is both active and story.

    There's four different wishes/chapters.
    The first one: Friendship, with a boy involved. (You can see where this is going) Rikako tries to help her friend Ai get a boy she likes by calling the 'angel'. Ai gets the guy, but he really likes Rikako! Ai doesn't wish to accept this, so she attempts to call upon the 'angel' to work it out. All the while, Mai is forced to watch the events.
    Second wish/chapter: A girl is dead and wants to be resurrected. So she (not really) strikes a deal with the 'angel' to kiss the boy she likes and she will be resurrected. But how will she do this when everybody thinks she's dead?
    Third wish/chapter: A girl has a mad crush on a boy and (unknowingly) wishes he was tiny so she could take him home. And guess what? It happens! And he can only go back to his normal size if he falls in love with her. Will that happen even though he's never seen her in his life?
    Forth wish/chapter: Two strangers accidentally pick up each others' phones. With the strange relation in likes, the two play a game of 'Eye Spy' to find each other. But the phones shut off on low battery. Will they still find each other?
    I don't want to give out any spoilers, so that's really all I can give ya. xP
    Lol, her mom came in at exactly the wrong time >_< I was about to try and make a move but I didn't hear her enter...
    Nothing really. ^^; I got some more Nancy Drew books-- One and four are excellent. Two kinda stinks. Three is slow, but gets better as you read on. Five is kinda slow too, but also gets better as you read along. I'm reading six now, pretty good start.
    If you're interested in detective books, I reccomend them. ;)

    I finally found the manga I've been looking for the pass three weeks. Only One Wish, that manga I put in Manga Readers. ^^ It's so good and deep. x3

    And lastly, I got two games (both on DS Lite), but I'm returning the second one.
    The first one is Luminous Arc: I was very disappointed at first. It's more story than game play, and when it does get to game play it's not that great. But the characters quickly grew on me and the game got harder. So I forgave it. Can't play it twice in a row, but maybe in the future.

    The second one is Luminous Arc 2: If you've played Luminous Arc and are thinking about getting the sequal . . . I. DO. NOT. RECCOMEND. THIS. AT ALL. Most of the characters' personalities over lap each others and the two main characters (the boy and fire witch) are almost the original characters' copies! Personality wise. The story plot is fine, but the way they did it stinks on ice. There's lots of random events that has nothing to do with the plot either. I can tell it's going to be a rushed ending, and the fire witch makes me sick! DX
    So I'm returning it as soon as I finish it, since I won't feel right if I don't.

    You? ^^;
    I've been cool. I just went round to this kinda hot girl's place for an hour or so after missing the bus home, we COULD'VE had some fun but then I completely screwed it up lol >_<

    Anyway, hows you been going?
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