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BuNnY RaBbItS9945
Last Activity:
Sep 11, 2012
Feb 21, 2009
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Jan 29, 1995 (Age: 25)
nada ^.^ unless snooping on my bro counts lol

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BuNnY RaBbItS9945

hippity hop ^.^, 25, from chicago

BuNnY RaBbItS9945 was last seen:
Sep 11, 2012
    1. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Yes and no.
      Not looking forward to possibly getting lost trying to find my classes. Having to deal with a locker. And getting to my classes on time. >.<

      Lol! Same with me. ^.^
    2. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Hey! I was kidding....somewhat... >.>'

      At least we'll get through it one day or another. XD My mom's giving me extra homework in math and English (which I stink at!) to get me ready for high school next year. T.T

      Not yet. But the boy, Chip, who likes Rena but her friend, Julie, likes him, he got stabbed by Rena. It was an accident. One of the scenes in the play was that she had to stab him, but someone switched the knives and well... He's not dead though.
      And there's more people in Dead End and The Prom Queen. XD It takes a good two-three chapters to remember everyone. XD

      I'll write about The Prom Queen a little later. That one was pretty good. I finally found one that I could reread from the beginning without skipping anything. ^.^
    3. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      0.0' Lol! My sis claims that stealing it tastes better than having your own. XD .....And I agree... >.>'

      No, unfortunately. Those chapters are so long that I'm taking a break from it and reading The Prom Queen instead, I do want to read it, but it's so long on one page. T.T

      Curtain is about a girl, Rena, is at a acting camp that her friend convinced her to do. Rena ended up getting the lead when her friend's the one who WANTED to be an actress. So a bit of tension there. Anyway, all is well (sorta) but then murders start to happen.
      You have the usual. You have your jealous friend, you have the "miss everything" egotistical girl, you have the boy who likes you but your friend like him, you have the mean but knows what's he's doing director, and you have the mysterious boy who you're attracted to.
      Not very much to tell.
    4. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Lol! XD Next time get two. XD
    5. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Reminds me of me and my sis. XD That's quite common for us. xP
    6. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Ugh, I wish they'd warn us before we're disapointed! _ _'

      Stopping is already hard for me. XD But yeah, I can imagine.

      Nope. The same size, and it has nineteen chapters. The book with the most chapters from R.L Stine I read was.....um....I think either Dead End or The New Boy maybe? 0.o It's been a while. ^^;
    7. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Pretty much. Yeah.
      Uh huh, she told him.
      Quite a sad ending really. Keith wasn't going to kill Natalie before, but once she saw the car he had no choice (to him).

      Tell me about it! And the desciption (sp?) on some of the books sounds really boring, but when you actually read 'em it's better. >.<

      Yeah, I will. I was thinking about getting the skates that the wheels are straight, it might help me a little better.

      Ugh! I'm NEVER gonna get through Curtains! I mean it's not boring but it's not "OH MY GOSH! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!" either. It's just that the chapters are so LONG! And it takes all my energy to read one page, ONE PAGE! It has so many words on one page. I'm not going to get through it! Waah! *cries* _ _'
    8. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Later Natalie and Randee can't take it and they admit to the police about the car accident.
      But it turns out they didn't kill the mayor's sister, it was a different car that hit her before they came, so it was someone else. The police showed them a picture of the tires of the car that actually hit her.
      When Natalie gets home, Keith was waiting for her. She tells him what happened but then is shocked when she really looks at his car. It was the same tires and it was blue.
      Keith then forces her inside the car and admited he killed the mayor's sister and all their friends.
      That night at the party he saw Natalie get in the car with Todd (which at the time he thought it was just her and Todd) and he drove after them. But Natalie was right, he wasn't in his right mind and he drove too fast and hit the mayor's sister. He was so scared and confused that he just drove away.
      Then the next morning when he called Natalie, he wanted to tell her what happened but she cut him off. So he told Carlo instead. But Carlo wanted to tell the police, but Keith didn't want that to happen. He was so scared that he went to the lodge and killed his friend. But Carlo told Gillian about it, so Gillian wanted to tell the police too, but samething happened. He went to her house and pushed her down the stairs.
      Now Natalie knows too much and he was driving to a dead end which led to a cliff.
      His plan was to drive the car off the cliff and jump out before it did, but he lost control and the car was spinning out of control. Natalie jumped out her door and pleaded in her mind that he jumps out. But he didn't, she wondered why but then she remembered, his car's old and his side door couldn't open. Which led to him driving off the cliff and the car exploded afterwards....
    9. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Later Natalie couldn't take it anymore and she admited what happened that night to Keith, he was shocked but didn't make a huge deal about it.
      Then Todd happened to come by, wanting to talk to Natalie. But she confronted him asking if he killed Carlo. But that just made him upset and hurt that she'd think that. But Natalie still kept her guess.
      The next day (I think) Gillian wanted to tell the police about the car accident, but found meat in her backpack with thousands of magots (sp?) and a threatening note.
      Later Natalie and Keith go skating, but he leaves because he was so upset about Carlo.
      Natalie keeps skating but loses track on time. She was going to walk home, but found Todd and Randee was trying to catch up with her.
      They wanted to go to Gillian's place to convince her not to go to the police. Natalie still suspected Yodd, but also Randee, who had a gun too when they were at the lodge.
      When they get there, they find Gillian dead at the bottom step of the stairs. Someone must've pushed her down.
    10. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      But not the secret she was worrying about, he thought she secretly wanted to dump him and go for Todd, but she says she's actually afraid of him (especially after he "threatened" Carlo about telling the police, but of course she didn't say that part). And so they made up.
      The next Saturday (I think) she and her friends went to Carlo's uncle's lodge. The last time they went there the boys got to go "hunting" while the girls stayed. But this time Randee wanted to go hunting too (Natalie thought she wanted to just to impress Todd), and ever since they got there Carlo and Gillian was acting strange.
      Natalie and Gillian just went with them for a walk.
      Natalie then got lost and couldn't find the others of her way back to the lodge. All of a sudden she heard two gun shots. She figured her friends found their pray, but that wasn't the case.
      She ran to where she heard the shots and found Carlo's headless body.
      She screamed and Todd came running up then stopped when he saw the headless body. But then he told Natalie not to tell anyone. About that night. The accident.
      With that said, Natalie quickly suspected he killed Carlo, remembering that he "threatened" Carlo before, for not telling the police.
    11. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      The next day Todd called Natalie saying he had bad news. Inside the car they hit was the mayor's sister and she died.
      After being shocked from the news, Keith called her saying he wanted to apologize but thinking he wanted to apologize for what happened at the party, Natalie cut him off and said she'd call back later.
      At school the group of friends gathered at a picnic table in a park behind the school, there they made a vow of secrecy. To never tell a soul about what they did that night. Though Carlo wanted to tell the police, but Todd basically threatened him.
      Later that day Natalie found out Keith called her again that afternoon and left a message for her to call when she gets back. Of course she didn't call back, still too in shock and upset.
      She was working on a poam hoping to get her mind off the accident, but it didn't help, then all of a sudden she noticed Keith standing in the bedroom doorway.
      He says that he knows her secret.
    12. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      This one's Dead End: (I'll do the main parts in it)

      Natalie and her boyfriend, Keith went to a party one night, but when it was time to go Natalie road with her friends, Randee, Carlo, Todd, and Gillian because Keith wasn't in his right mind (if you know what I mean), even though he kept saying he was.
      Outside was very foggy and dark, so when Randee missed a turn they ended up at a dead end. But she lost control of the car and was spin out of control, the really big problem was that there was a car there and they crashed into it.
      Natalie saw a figure in the backseat move and fall over, but Randee just hit the gas and drove away.
      Natalie kept saying that they should turn back and make sure that person was all right, but Randee said she couldn't. She was grounded and wasn't allowed to leave her home, so she'd be in MAJOR trouble if her parents found out she left the house AND got into a car accident.
      So she dropped off everyone at their places and went home.
    13. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      The first one I read was The Babysitter. So if you want to start small with less gross and creepy stuff, then I recommend The Babysitter series (even though I didn't read the third yet...), Night Games, and The New Girl (bleh!).
      But if you want the actual “horror†and the real good stuff, then I recommend The New Boy, Dead End (which I'll write about now), and so far Curtains (which I'm currently reading).
      So you have a choice between those.

      Oh no! >.<

      Good luck, Bunny! I went rollerskating the other day (which was more random skating), but I didn't do too well. ^^;
    14. dawsoc
      chapter 27
    15. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      He didn't do anything. They thought he saw them, but I guess not.

      Broke in through the window...

      Like I said, he wanted revenge for last Winter when they just left him burried deep in the snow. It was so deep he couldn't get out, so he died.

      Nope, Spencer and Diane did. In the end Diane was debating whether or not to tell them she died or to play some games of her own. (aka try to kill 'em)

      Well, for Spencer, Lenny and Jordan. Diane and Cassie didn't like 'em.

      Yes and no. Started at the day, finished it at night. The good stuff didn't come in until the mid-end. It really wasn't that bad, a little boring really. But I'd reread that one before The New Girl any day. >.<

      Sorry, I was sleepy when I wrote about Night Games, so I kinda rushed through it. I'll do better in Dead End.
    16. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      He died in the deep, thick snow. Now he wanted revenge.
      He strangled Diane, but she got an idea as her life slipped away. She hugged him and told him she always liked him. Then she motioned for everyone else to hug him too, and they did. All saying nice stuff.
      Spencer melted away. Everyone was happy that it was all over. But when they started to head out, Diane felt cold. And she knew why. She was dead too.
      She then thought about how Spencer strangled her and that her friends didn't move an inch to help her. Or even call out her name. Nothing at all.
      So she debates wheither to tell her friends she's dead or play some games of her own.

      That's it for now. I'll do the other later!
    17. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      One day Crowell kicks Lenny off the baseball team--which was now crossing the line--and Lenny wanted to go to his house one more time.
      There he spray paints the walls and such. Diane leaves to explore the house then can't find her friends.
      She finds Cassie and the two search for the others.
      They get to Crowell's bedroom and find him dead.
      Diane then suspects Lenny, who came in the room afterwards, in shock after seeing the body.
      Later Diane starts getting threatening phone calls and the others get threatening notes.
      At the end, it was really Spencer who killed Crowell and tried to kill them next. And he was dead too.
      The reason he was still there was because of his hatred that kept him there.
      Last Winter Lenny and Cassie's boyfriend Jordan had burried him in the snow, he thought Diana--who he secretly liked-- and Cassie would dig him out, but they didn't. He just heard Jordan's car turn on and drive off.
    18. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Okay, this is Night Games. Nothing that much really happened, so I'll just do intros and cut to when it gets good. 'Kay?

      One night Diane and her friends were out and ran into their old friend Spencer, who they haven't seen in a year. Anyway, he starts inviting them to join him in his Night Games.
      Diane's boyfriend, Lenny hates their math teacher, Mr. Crowell.
      One night Spencer takes them to Mr. Crowell's house, which was pretty much nothing but Christmas decorations.
      Spencer then snaps--what Diane and her best friend Cassie thought-- and destoys all the decor. Wild, crazy and nothing like the Spencer they knew before.
      In school Mr. Crowell once again gets on Lenny's nerves and later admits to Diane that he has dreams of really beating up Crowell and running him over.
      With Crowell getting Lenny steamed, he wants to keep returning to his house, causing trouble.
    19. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Yes, what I told ya was the interesting parts, but most of the chapters are just fillers to me.
    20. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      But then she wants to kill her brother and Cory too!
      After an easy fight Cory has Anna struggling to get out his grip and Brad wakes up and tells Cory the real story.
      It wasn't Anna who everyone thought, it was really Willa. Willa had always been jealous of Anna and one day said she "accidently" fell down the basement stairs. But Brad and their mother knew the truth. Then they moved out there to Fear Street, hoping that a new place would help Willa. But he realized that Willa was changed her name at school and started dressing and talking like Anna.
      Brad didn't want Cory involved with her so he tried to scare him away, but that didn't work.
      Afterwards, Cory tells the whole story to Lisa, and she brags that she was right all along then makes a sarcastic comment about his taste in the girls he picks. Then he decides to let her choose for him for now on. And she pretty much suggests herself.

      The chapters I skipped was Cory just "sobbing" about An--er Willa. Boring, trust me.
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    Jan 29, 1995 (Age: 25)
    nada ^.^ unless snooping on my bro counts lol
    Favourite Pokémon:
    well, as u can c I LOVE BUNNIES ^^ they r SO CUTE!

    dancing >.> but i'm not really good at it and playing piano and i'm not good at that either ^^' lol!



    Another year, another opened door to an adventure.
    :025n172:Take whatever comes your way, an turn it in2 a great experience!:025n172:

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