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  • If you are recieiving this, it is because you nominated someone in season 8 of Pokemon Big Brother. Where would you like to see the series go? I have the story planned out to the end of Story 3. Should there be a hiatus after Story 2, Story 3 or should we continue but just not do any story and have the seasons after have no story?

    I would personally prefer going until Story 3 and then dropping the story for while, maybe forever. I am just doing to gather the thoughts of all who would like to give me there opinion. I can not improve PBB if you do not answer. It doesn't have to be a long answer, just an answer.
    somehow they believe Asukara saying No Alliances but restricting everyone to 3 moves is contradictory. I don't understand their logic TBH.
    What are your predictions for Diana's story? Because it is clear there is more to Diana than fun little interviews.
    Yup. The most romantic I ever went was PollisXMelody.

    Even now Team Osbourne still has mostly divided votes while Team Squidley's last vote was 7-3. That is a lot more unanimous than this round's 4-3-1.
    Some characters like Andre and Eminent have no been used to their fullest because they have longevity. Some of their more interesting characteristics will probably be used later.

    Why do you guys submit romantic characters? It is clear I hardly ever go off of that. The cloest I came was trying to set up Kuro and Sophie or Kris and Francois, but no real realtionships were ever formed.

    Gherkin took the spotlight because he is a chef and there will never be another chance to spotlight that side of him. Sadly, Team Osbourne is stacked with so many good characters that some remain underdeveloped and will be eliminated early.

    Wanna predict what will happen with the rock kingdom ruler or why he is against isolation?
    I forgot to ask, thoughts on the characters now + the leaders of the ice and dragon nations?
    From here on out, Korvas and Ivan will be seen as "main" characters if you will.

    Other leaders will fulfill that role in Story 3, that way we. An learn more about them.
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