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  • I am excited in using the interviews to give shape to rulers we never see.

    Garonwill be a great chatacter. Trust me.

    Korvas is my favorite. I just enjoy him. Spoilers: he will technically be the ruler we see the most in this side of tue war while Ivan is that for the other side.
    So...what do you think of the interview thing, Garon and Korvas?

    Did you like how I referenced Korvas X Selena?
    I only included Pork Pies, because I did not see a situation where I could show Burr's disdain for pork pies.
    Whelp, now the spots are filled. I'll have it up Sunday or Monday. Did you vote in the poll?
    If you are interested, I have opened up double nominations in PBB. There is one spot left and it's for the ice type.
    I need to reread them before I make a list or have thoughts.

    but yes, Drake could provide interesting scenes if he isn't out second. That is the problem with purely negative characters.

    You forgot Jackario. his description can be found in on of the updates. John Trainer VM'd me his description.
    I kinda know how I feel, but I need more to weigh them against others. There are a lot of "simple" nominations
    I would like to read your opinion on them.

    I will send you mine once we have all 18.
    When should I allow 2 nominations per user? at the 36 or 48 hour mark?
    Please rework you character. There is no reason for him to illegally recreate the battle arenas as there is a public/dree to use gladiator style battle arena in the fighting kingdom that is run by Korvas. Feel free to use that info to rework your character.
    here is a visual list of every Pokemon that can not be a nomination:

    How does this look?
    TBH he really is more interesting. Lord Deoxys' main attribute is his paranoia.

    Melvin has a chance at returning.

    Did you like Squidley forgiving Osbourne?
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