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  • We are trying to get Octo back. We tried to get Faddler back but lol that happening.

    I think my co-worker is going to join. Depends if he registers in time.
    Norm would probably be there under normal conditions but Vinny was hard to work with since we already had 2 other criminals who work better in PBB than a black market dealer. I never could find a good way in incorporate the black market aspect.

    BTW NothingJustGo plans on nominating a xatian each season
    Spice, Jiggly, Chris, Vinny are my bottom four

    Yuki, Reading, Gilligan and Nero were my top 4
    Oh good!

    Ever since Reading was nominated I wanted to do two things; do something involving identity theft and involve Cheese in some format. It worked out just like I originally wanted.

    The double feature was good because it allowed me to do a couple more things I wanted to do incase someone was eliminated, plus I wanted the episode to end with the four together but I couldn't do that with Skiddo talking to the cop and Reading blending and hiding.

    Who do you want to see win the championship?
    Awesome! Thank you for the advice! I knew Reaidng's time would come soon. There is no way you can get to the finals with a personality like his.

    Did you like the Cheese cameo or do you not remember Cheese?
    Cool. Good to know

    Would you say the double episode feature would have been good to use in the "Mall Prep" episode. Like half was prep and the other was Mall Part 1?

    Poor Yuki, but she will be crowned the champion so I am sure she will feel better in a day or so
    Oh good! I was worried I have flooding you with useless notifications. That is good to hear.

    Thoughts on the double length "episode"?
    FYI, since your FB account is not in use, I have been messaging your account stuff for my blog so I can have easy access to it. Such as when I have a banner I want to access on the comp, I just messaged it and I use it to move it from my phone to my comp easier.

    I could just post articles from my phone but I find it annoying.

    I am telling you this in case you have been getting email notifications about it
    True. I am now lost on where to go with Reading. I have prepared Reading's exit action so now that he is staying, IDK where to take him. Oh well, I will think about it later
    I...uh...was wrong.

    I am gonna to have to create something. I can't find the game where Wyatt hosted. The character I can think of was Bill the Kabutops. He host "PArty Contest Game" season 1 and was enemies with Kingston the Slowking in season 2.

    I may bring back contest game but of course the updates would be very scarce like 1 a week if we get lucky, but writing Bubbles was so much fun.
    Lol. He was the only contestent(of mine) that I remember from PDI.

    The other 3(Officer Octo, Nurse Chansey and Basement Ghost) are also reappearing characters who are new.

    The is one more from Pokemon Party Game that is pretty much Wyatt's sworn enemy. I forgot his name and speices but I plan bringing him in at some point. Then that should be all of the reoccurring people from season to season.
    We will see. I mean I fully expect Reading to be eliminated but he has became the most interesting character to write.

    Did you like the reappearance of Wyatt?
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