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  • We will see. I mean I fully expect Reading to be eliminated but he has became the most interesting character to write.

    Did you like the reappearance of Wyatt?
    I decided not to do a longer episode. I would rather just split it into two.

    Let me know if this episode is better than yesterday's
    I want you to be harsh. I don't want to hear that this episode wasn't THAT bad or "It could have been worse". I know I have plans for the Mall that I am excited for but that does make up for the fact that this was a boring and a mediocre episode. I may attempt the longer episode tomorrow.

    Yeah, that is where PBB can excel over PDI in how its characters can have an impact both inside and outside of the "House".

    I will do my best to make sure there are no filler episodes in the coming days. Now with that said I am getting off. I start work at 3:30 am today.
    This is why games like "The Pokemon Party Game" and "Pokemon Drama Island" are better because they allow the writer to give more voting reasons.

    Once a season what do you think if I try to do long episodes. Obviously not as long as PDI but maybe add two action lines for each character instead of 1? It wouldn't be each "episode" but maybe oince a season do a longer "Episode" or something.

    Arguably voting off Nero was helpful because it led to some fairly interesting scenarios
    Gilligan, Nero, Yuki and Reading have been my favorite to write this season. Though Gilligan's criminal nature hasn't really shown up too much. I just know when I do show Reading's and Gilligan's criminal side, they will be eliminated.

    Yeah, and Vanilite had Jiggly and Sparky. I gave permission for people to submit 2 to ensure we had 8, then people came out of the woodworks and boosted us up to 13(where I removed my nomination).
    The problem with PDI esque characters in PBB is there isn't enough room to really flesh the characters out. I want to revive Pokemon Party Game because it is more "fun" to write then PBB but since it is PBB style, I have NO time to write something like that. PBB works better with wacky and insane characters with maybe one or two PDI style characters.

    Most of the voters in this PBB were not around for Octo's games. I am sure as they get use to my writing they will be able to submit characters that work better to my writing style. I am having problems really working with Pierre because he is almost of clone of Greg from PDI but as I said that style of character works best in a PDI style.
    oh sorry only saw these now. That's why facebook is better

    And remmeber the 20% is from the base attack power, not with boosts or anything.
    Thing is Phantom force has a huge weakness which for some reason no one took advantage of

    My plan was to hide and hope everyone speeds up and trick room them. That didn't happen so I knew I was done for
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