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  • You certainly check more than the majority of we do. We all decided to come on at the same time, and we all messaged you it seems.

    It's been good. Busy atm because of school coming to a close for the year, but otherwise nothing too different than a year ago. If this were July it would be the exact same, aha. It's certainly been a while, eh?

    I played Smash 4's demo first. I didn't really know what a shield was when I started. Then I got Brawl (pretty obvious what a played it with) and played Marth and Ike. I just countered a bunch. Nowadays, my shield usage varies, but it's typically my defensive option. :p (I've played Brawl with a Gamecube controller. and now playing on a Wiimote is impossible for me.)
    Yeah, I really do hope I can sort out all the stuff causing it. -.-'

    Wow, that must have been a lot of shielding. Or whatever you had R assigned to. (I still have it as shield.) I personally have a 2DS so my triggers are actually decent for Smash unlike the 3DS ones. I've no clue about how sturdy they are in comparison, but I don't press buttons very hard so that's likely a contributor to why my buttons on my handhelds/controllers/whatever last longer for me. Well, if we don't count some of my N64 controllers. But I've had those for at least a decade so the wear and tear is to be expected. Well, this just went into a giant tangent about buttons, so I think I'll stop writing words for this VM before I segway into Sheik nerfs in the latest patch or something.
    Thanks, man. Mainly it's just school stress getting under my skin for once, and oddly enough, that's what it's taken to occasionally ruin my mostly jolly and carefree attitude.

    And if you got Smash 4 3DS, wanna play at some point? Not right now but eventually. My FC is 4012-5090-3224 if you do.
    I've been playing Smash 4 3DS, Super Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors, and Wind Waker HD. In case those last 3 didn't give it away I also got a Wii U. Haven't been as great as I'd like to be lately, sadly enough, but I guess I'm "Okay?" ~Ness, some time ago
    Hi Burakoru!
    I was updating the Hall of Fame of the GWSC (I was 10 weeks behind, so it was necessairy ^^) and I noticed that one of your winning sprites doesn't show up anymore.
    This is the entry of week 98 called "the chain"; and you made a fusion of hitmonlee and primeape if I'm correct.
    Is it possible to give me the image, so I can put it in the GWSC again?
    Hmm, but won't you agree that for an extreme newbie it was too much to learn at first?
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