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  • It would have been good if someone started a new game much simpler than PRR but having the same basic theme...
    Hello random person. Sorry for just dropp'n in. I haven't been on this site in forever. I usually trade/battle, but I feel more social today xD.
    Nothing too major: just mainly from sitting in the same spot for a while.

    I need a better understanding of mid-battle mechanics before I try.
    Fine from the half a year gap. Beat Omega Ruby a long time ago. Neck hurting. Ugh. .-. Thinking of joining the ASB stuff.
    Yeah, they are not horrible^_^

    Hahaha, thought so^_^ I assume the color of the Yoshi is pink then?

    Haha, I'm hoping for that. A game we will definately will buy is Xenoblade X, but it will be a while till that one comes out. Also, code won't be watching it with me. Cause here it starts at 00:00, and Code has school tomorrow, sp, yeah :p
    Ah, that is more than we have. Also, very nice names! Our most unique one is "Murph" for Marth. The others are like Koopa for Bowser and Icarus for Pit :p
    I guess Mangle is from Freddy's?^_^ (And yes, I agree, pokemon town names sound very cool)

    I was planning to buy either an Ike, Megaman or Sheik for her B-day, but she told me she would prefer if we used my money to pay half for a new game. We only have no idea what game yet. I was thinking maybe Mario Party 10, that one isn't so expensive.
    Good to hear that, BK :3

    Yeah, we also lack a steady income, but whenever we see a rare one, we are sure to buy it^_^
    We currently have Pit, Bowser, Villager, Marth, Kirby and Toon Link.

    Wii Fit Trainer? Awesome! That one, along with Villager and Marth is regarded the "Holy Trinity" of Amiibos, haha.
    I was actually planning on getting a Shulk for Code, but it's either very expensive or very hard to find for a reasonable price. So I just have to wait till we either have money, or find one cheap :p

    Which ones do you already have?
    Hey BK! (Late response)

    It's good to hear you were literally doing good in Januari. How's evrything going now 2 months later? ^_^ Room still looking nice? And how has your new desk been doing?

    AS for me. Last month it was teh 4 year anniversary of me and Code^w^ Code's been collecting Amiibos, so I bought a Toon Link Amiibo for her then^_^

    Ready for the Direct today?
    Okay man, sounds cool! I really wanted to enter #88 as well, but I had no internet at the time. See you next time then. ;)
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