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  • Hey Burn Friend!
    Hope all is well on your side. In addition to asking that I also wanted to ask about the scizor figurine you gave me. I had no idea that it was 30+ bucks! I still have it in perfect condition and feel bad cuz i feel i took something from your collection (i remember you collected them along with the amiibos). If possible, I could mail it back because i did not know it costs so much and know it is valuable to you! Apologies in advance good friend!
    Hey burn not sure what happen to you sweetie but I wanted to let you know I will be opening your position up for applications do to your activity which tef league needs a leader that is active if you ever come back and the position is still open we are proud to have you back as our fighting leader ^_^ I hope you come back soon we miss you in tef it feels strange without our fluff :c
    GOOD! Burner (the Furret's name) wants to be friends with your pokes :)
    Good luck with college and everything!
    Hey Burn, how is it going? It is like half of people on my friend list has been super-busy IRL. What is it with November lol

    Anyway when you are back and up for battle I need to show off my Primeval Furret ;)
    lol kk, you know for a Flaming Furret you have been unusually quiet ;-] Good luck with everything and survive till December then!

    me, doing OK. Not busy as you but taking break from battles atm and actually writing a poke fanfic lol *trotting around happily*
    I know, right? But either way, the person's username has been exposed, so it's only a matter of time before Nintendo finds them. As long as it was just the one, we should be fine.
    Burn, just so ya know, someone hacked Splatoon to get unreleased weapons and playable Octolings. If you're playing and run into something that was hacked, stay until they leave and play another match...apparently the plaza isn't able to handle unreleased stuff yet and trying to load someone who's got hacked stuff into the plaza causes the game to soft-lock.
    don't worry about it now! while not 5iv or regenerator, finally got a jolly mienfoo off of the GTS so I"ll be breeding it.
    heyo :D
    it's little ol' me ;3

    do you perchance have a jolly mienfoo w/ regenerator? Thought I'd ask our local fighting e3 leader ( still used to ghost/dark/water being the e3 >.<) before inquiring elsewhere. If you don't it's fine! GTS is super unreliable atm.
    Wec has your gallade now burn- thank you for your generosity over these past months.
    The battles were always classics as well!
    A plus o/
    Hey dude, hows it going?
    I have some neat mons i have breed that will serve you well for battling purposes when i get back. Finally got my hands on my own decent iv'd ditto. Youll love them for sure although some like electabuzz,magmar, and haunter will need to be traded to evolve. I have been battle maisoning like crazy to equip them and keep the rust off. I may do a giveaway of the other non iv bred mons. Talk to you more when i get back!
    Just letting you know I have beaten the Flying Gym awhile back, just waiting on 3 more badges and I'll be against the E4.
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