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Last Activity:
Dec 15, 2016
Jul 5, 2014
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Believe in Yourself!

Burnerv2 was last seen:
Dec 15, 2016
    1. DJSummers
      Sure you can and I do both Wifi and PS for the Village.
    2. JustJeff
      Good Game! That Scizor and Conk gave me trouble~ But managed to pull through!
    3. JustJeff
      Mine's 2466 2920 6005, IGN: Jeffhay
    4. JustJeff
      Hey there~ Mind if I get a Gym Battle?
      I'm currently in the League's Chatroom so if your available~
    5. Sparkbeat
      Yeah I've got a soccer game tonight and two Friday after school, so it'll probably have to be Saturday xd
    6. Sparkbeat
      Hey man, been a while :3 When are you able to play for Masterclass?
    7. Clone™
      Lol I completely forgot about this. Hf in round 2 =]
    8. Clone™
      How does 1 sound?
    9. Clone™
      I should be good in about an hour or so.
    10. SkyBlue
      I'm sorry for my comment earlier, I didn't mean it, I've just had a trying day today and couldn't hold back my saltiness.
      try as i might to prevent it, every time I'm in a bad mood it bleeds into sppf.
    11. SkyBlue
      Even if i'm not happy I'm not going to discredit the match/badge.
    12. SkyBlue
      my respect for you has dropped a little bit :/
      i seriously don't understand why ppl feel the need to sweep an entire team with one mon. after 3 my team was exceptionally weak to the rest of the mons you brought that would counter the full said team.
    13. SkyBlue
      sure! I'll be on in a sec ^w^
    14. SkyBlue
      I'm sure I'd have time this weekend ^w^
      I don't have any plans for it atm, but if something comes up I'll be sure to let you know.
    15. Clone™
      when fite for Masterclass? Im GMT -5 and free pretty much whenever on the weekends + tomorrow. If that doesnt work some time after 5PM on a weekday works too
    16. SkyBlue
      good game to you too! I thought you had me with all those burns (man never know when talon has will o.)
      that was really fun ^w^
    17. SkyBlue
      had a gut feeling that was will o wisp, and sadly I was right. your team is too much will o wisp spam ;A;
    18. SkyBlue
      oh ****, I made a mistake its 4785 not 58 >.<
    19. SkyBlue
      good luck and have fun :D
      hopefully I do well with this team, it'll be my first time using it.
    20. SkyBlue
      i got a new 3ds xl (the new new version) so you'll have to add my new fc.
      its 4758-7472-9992
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