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  • nope I have not I guess I can message him he logged on the 17th my pm box is full but he never vm'd me either so I guess we can give up his position just let him know that he gunna get replaced. I had one person mad at me for replacing them once which they never messaged me back it was silly this was years ago though.
    Thanks! And lucky me. This Mew was the ONLY Pokemon of the raffle that I had the slightest bit of interest in.
    I have a quick question. Leaders need to have 3 Pokemon of their type but what if they lose their typing when they Mega Evolve? Like if I bring Aggron and two other Rock types to a battle and then Mega Evolve Aggron now I'll only have two Rock types. Will I be breaking the rules now?
    Hiya Burn. Too busy with league administration? Can you hop on xat? Just for chat... I am lonely there :(
    Or maybe it's that f***ing Twilight zone again lol
    You've noted the wrong time in the spreadsheet sir.

    It's from 8:00pm untill 9:30pm (GMT +2) instead of 8:30pm untill 9:00pm (GMT +2).
    And maybe you should check the conversion too
    GMT: GMT +2
    Days Gym is Open: all except friday (may vary of course)
    Hours Open: weekdays (except friday) 8pm - 9.30pm. weekends vary

    Other note: there are some times i'll be able to be open more often. But i guess i indicate that in the league thread

    And i'm looking forward to it burner. One question tho (couldn't find it) is there a limit on legendaries used in battle by a gym leader?
    There you go hope you enjoy btw the only reason I didn't evolve them is I didn't know how you were going to train them.
    Replied. And ok and lt's hope so.

    P.S. We can settle on non legends after the next reply but on legends will take a while
    I hope you don't mind but i got some breeding leftovers (all perfect of course so lacking the decreased stat) wich i'd like to donate,

    Sneasel | males and females | moon ball | jolly | keen eye | crush claw, ice punch, icicle crash, fake out (i think i have 5 or so)
    Feebas | males and females | dream ball | bold | all 3 | mirror coat, hypnosis, 2 others i can't remember
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