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  • I'm having this always open. And yeah i know i could even give more pokemon (i got a lot of those 6IV legends)
    System keeps telling me your FC is incorrect. Any chance you made a mistake?

    Also could find mine or do you want me to send it?
    OK! Pls nice me when you get online. I am on my Y account so I cant tell one person from another all the icons of ORAS users are the same...
    Hey Burn if you want, I can trade you that Chiko I donated, too. Just lemme know and I will hop on pss
    May i donate this one too?
    Mew | shiny | 31/30/31/7-9/30/31 | adamant (this is the eppie's shiny mew UT from the old sea chart event back in emerald, i believe this also was the best IV spread possible for it)
    Depending on your timezone i'll give them to you to keep (because if it's a bit hard to be online for me when you are, it be easier right?).
    Hi burnerv2,

    I have 2 pokes i'd like to donate to the TEF league
    Manaphy | shiny | 31/31/31/31/31/31 | timid | UT from pokemon ranger egg event (have around 8 of these just tell me how many)
    Mesprit | shiny | 31/31/31/31/31/31 | timid | (i got 6 of these just tell me how many)
    Okay. I caught the 4 excess Legendaries from White2, and I'm transferring them right now.
    Cobalion: Jolly, shiny, IV 31 all, caught in Dive Ball
    Terrakion: Jolly, shiny, IV 31 all, caught in Ultra Ball
    Virizion: Timid, shiny, IV 31 all, caught in Heal Ball
    Regigigas: Adamant, shiny, IV 31 all, caught in Great Ball

    I'll be able to donate them fairly soon.
    Does the TEF League Pokemon donations accept Legendaries? Because I'm going to be donating 4. If I don't donate, they're basically gone forever.

    I haven't captured Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Regigigas in White2 (because I don't need any more of them). Normally I'd wait until someone does ask for them, but I want to restart White2 once more so I can get one more Kyurem. So if I don't catch them before I reset, they're gone.

    But since I haven't caught them yet and if I'm donating, I want their quality to be the best, what nature should I make them? They'll be shiny and IV 31 all on a Synchronize nature, so any nature will work. Terrakion is probably best being Jolly, but for the rest, I'm not sure (Jolly vs. Timid for Cobalion and Virizion, for example). Got any ideas?
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