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  • Haven't been here for ages,posting to show im still alive.I feel really bad about not finishing my trade with CrusherTheFeraligator,sorry to you again if your reading this.
    Yeah, Stealth Rock happens before abilities activate. That's why Drought won't activate if Mega Charizard Y dies to Stealth Rock. And yeah, I've seen the demo dumps for myself, and I've been reading all the discussion about it on Smogon's forums.

    According to the dumps, we should have all the same tutors from BW2, so any moves that could be tutored in Gen 5 should be teachable in ORAS (except Bug Bite on the Bellsprout line for some reason). I wish they'd bring back Sucker Punch as a tutor though, because Shiftry could always use a nice physical Dark STAB that isn't Feint Attack.
    I'm actually curious how they checked that. Because I know if they just sent Mega Rayquaza into Stealth Rock, then Delta Stream should activate after Stealth Rock, just like any other weather ability.
    What I'm mostly interested in right now are the Mega and Primal stats and move tutors. It's rather disappointing they're still making Helping Hand an XD exclusive move for the Duskull line (not that I'm trying to imply Pokémon XD is a bad game).
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