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  • Well I wouldn't go that far personally, and my opinion of the game did actually improve a bit when they revealed Soaring and the Pokenav Plus, but I will say that there's plenty of disappointment in these games. I wasn't really a fan of this direction since August, by then it was pretty clear just how little the game was going to change.
    +1 Person who agrees.

    Tis true, but its like interactive theatre; you take part of the melodrama without being part of the cast.

    Yeah, JAWS doesn't realize that he sucked after the first movie.
    Is that portion of HGSS canon? Just wondering since I was thinking about how HGSS fits into Hoenn.
    Moving this here because I don't want to derail the thread. :p

    Anyway, as far as I know, there is nothing that says it isn't or can't be considerd canon. HGSS is, chronologically, set after Emerald, and the Embedded Tower sub-plot kicks off with Mr. Pokémon giving you either the Red or Blue Orb, which he supposedly received from a Hoennese acquaintance of his. To our knowledge, nothing happened to those Orbs in the intervening years in order to render that an impossibility. It is a bit strange that the old Pyre couple would let him have an Orb, but stranger things have happened (e.g. a punk girl with the DNA Splicers). Oak seems to have been in possession of the Jade Orb for all of that time, for whatever reason.

    I, personally, do like to think of it as canon, because the Embedded Tower's history interests me, and because, at the end, Oak actually discusses the recurring theme of Legendary Pokémon being attracted to certain Orbs and Stones, and that had always struck me as odd.

    I suppose that there is nothing to stop you from disregarding it, though, but then, that's usually the case with post-game events.
    Oh, really? I hadn't checked yet, and I was thinking of having the starter types be the last thing I spoil myself with before avoiding all non-official reveals. Now to wait until the game comes and see if the rival actually commits to battling enough for them to make the most of that advantage (and not end up with the awful 4 Pokemon limit pre E4).

    But you do have a point about the reverse triangle putting things in a totally different perspective. In retrospect, you're right that we don't need to continue the RPS dynamic in the future, and though it's way too soon, it would be interesting if they did deviate with it in a later Gen. A totally new dynamic would be a nice breath of fresh air, but for now, we've got 6th Gen to look at.

    Regardless, I'm glad this starter type thing has been put to rest. Maybe things will be less hectic in that regard.
    Well, the key to any debate is, to take both sides into consideration, otherwise you're just going in circles and making an *** out of yourself lol. I am religious, but that isn't the only reason why I am pro-life, I just find that there are other issues with it such as general morality, economic issues, etc.
    You make some good arguments. At least you aren't one of those annoying pro-choice people. I am not going to respond on there for the time being though, because I was given an infraction from there *shrugs*
    That would be cool and never thought of it that way, plus fire/ground is kind of unique (although so is fire/psychic) so it would be refreshing. Yeah I know! I hate how someone backs up his point but their points have a little (or a lot compared to his) more sense and then he toatlly uses their argument against you isntead of his like when you were talking about AA or something and he said that it's for gameplay speculation so just drop it after you guys going back and forth. Could of been cascade who he siad it to but I thought it was you! It's going to be awesome hey! Yes, would be good to have all my olds guys continuing on!
    Fennekin with earthpower and Flamethrower, absolutely love it. I really don't care what type Fennekin is going to be but he just doesn't evem give it a second thought before saying nah it's fire/psychic bro. I know! The trailer could mean barely anything yet he is so sure that it's the perfect triangle -.- . There use to be a Xernas96 and I think I remember a post saying that they were brothers, I haven't see X96 for ages so I figure it was him using both. Regardless the new X and Y games are very intriguing and look pretty awesome already if you ask me.
    Tell me about it! I was having an arguement with him saying why Fennekin could be ground and his only arguement back was the move in the trailer. I was telling him what it is based off and he was like "so what, means nothing. Psychic gives the pokemon a perfect triangle". I wasn't even shooting down his idea, I was just saying it could be part ground as well. Yet he wouldn't even consider it. Yeah I know, I hope he gets pissed off to. Personally I hope it's not the perfect triangle anyways. Yeah I know exactly! At first I thought it was nightslash but then when I saw peoples arguements for AA I immediately changed my mind, The evidence is definately in AA's favour, especially with the way you go about it.
    I see you also had no lukc with Y96. I love how he just shuts down everyones ideas and claims he is right like you were saying. He is basically saying the perfect triangle thing has to happen. I especially love his nightslash argument saying it's purple meaning it has to be nightlash or shadow claw but yet his arguement against your AA idea is " a lot of moves have the same animation", yet it's somehow impossible for AA to share a purple background.
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