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Burnt Flower

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  • You know, I read some of your Maggots of Society. I say it was somewhat confusing and awesome at the same time. Also side note, Andrew somewhat reminds me of Johan Liebert, due to the fact that they both seemed perfect but deep inside their horrible monsters wanting to bring death and destruction to many.
    Oh dear. Your B-day was three days ago. Oh well, happy late birthday!

    *Pokes facebook profile pic* You take karate? :3 [/random]
    Hey Burnt Flower, you said you want to write anything, right? How about Maggots of Society? :3
    I'm good! :)

    I stared to write something, but then I had no idea where I wanted to go with it, so I'm trying to outline it and I might continue it...but if nothing comes then I think I'll start new with something else.
    Burnt Flower

    I misses you...

    I read through some of your LiveJournal and I love it!

    Working on anything lately, I know college is a kick in the rear but hey, never hurts to ask!
    Well, there's going to be an alternate universe where Pokemon sell their babies so other Pokemon can eat them, because Carnivore Confusion is confusing.

    I just can't think of the laws to regulate that so nobody dies out. Darn plotholes.
    I'm going to make a story where a Furret eats a Taillow because there are no Rattata in Hoenn.

    I hope it's not plagiarizing your banner or something like that.
    I had- there's a link to it via the bad oneshot I linked in the thread Zephyr Flare made, you know for old bad fiction lol.

    Can't say there's much of anything good if it concerns pokemon, my only shining moments really was Drakengard.

    Just ignore the fangirmism of CaimxAngelus
    No, evidently it got deleted. But a 'Mod Shark' claimed to still be able to see it, and tried to rub it in my face that I was in the wrong.

    I think I asked mod shark for screens/copy pastes.

    Never happened :D

    And oh lord glowing reviews, I've seen a thread for a crap sprite, get FIVE PAGES WORTH.

    then it whined cause I tried to offer it help to get better :/
    Woman aren't allowed to have Pokemon, but 13 year old Katie joins her dear long friend Kevin in a Pokemon journey. A tragic accident happens, and Katie now has to fufill an impossible dream. First fic! R&R! (Chapter 3 up)
    haha it sounds like a story I wrote once a while back, but was based on how bad I heard some christians can be [you know women are to be seen not heard and etc] and I got called sexist and then my title was insulted and just lol.

    Haven't you thought about co-writing with "Diddy"?

    You both have a very similar style, or at least have the same choice of topics, so you might get along pretty well, don't you think?
    Sounds beautiful, plus, it would be nice to finally leave this country. Ah New York. I love the city, especially since its such a short drive away. You may get some warm weather in the fall...hopefully.

    Pretty well actually, thank you. She's really quite unique, (and a Yankee fan!). SATS went very well, now I'm waiting on the SAT Subject Tests that come out tomorrow. Ap exams were also fairly easy. Now its on to college work. I'm scared.
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