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    That sounds like a good time.

    We can go for Robbie if you want but I haven't actually spoke to him since you last came up. It may be a bit awkward.
    Yeah that would be fine. It's true that we haven't spoke it ages. Please reply to this VM next time you are online even if I'm not.
    Yeah. Just tell me what time you will be in Lochgelly. Or you can phone me when you arrive and I could come meet you.

    I have told Robbie you are coming up but no one else.
    This is the arrangement for tomorrow.

    I will go for Robbie and then Sam and then we will all meet you at the train station in Lochgelly(duh) at 1:45. Does that sound good?

    If I'm not online when you reply to this then text me/phone me. If I don't pick up leave a voicemail.
    It was Robbie.

    I've told everyone that you won't be coming. The only people that really know are Robbie and Sam so it won't be "overcrowded".

    You voice is definately more different that me and robbie's :D
    Hmmm. That sounds about right. I'll give you my phone number later on and then you can call me when you arrive. I can'y give you it now cos it's charging.
    I'm hugging a girl named Nicola. People are making fun of me now :p

    That does sound good. It would be great if you could come visit sometime.
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