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  • Hi,
    some small update about the custom avatar:
    I posted the request for the custom avatar in the general chatting room of the staff member... but they kind of ignored it :s.
    I think that nobody wanted to put time in it. So my next move will be to contact an admin personally in the chat room in hope that she will do it.
    I will let you know if I know something more.
    I want to congratulate you personally for winning the 'Sprite of the Year'.
    Not only is it an amazing sprite (which I also voted for ^^), your contributions to the GWSC in general are really appreciated.
    You upped everyone's game when entering the GWSC with your creative and clean-looking sprites. Also generally you where pleasant to have around.

    So as winner of 'Sprite of the Year 2014', I want to give you the trophee of 'the sprite of the year' 2014:

    Also I have something extra: a custom avatar!
    This means you can pick one image (100x100 and 20kb or smaller) and an admin places the image on your account.
    Since I am a moderator and not an admin, I can't do this on my own and I still have to pull some strings to get this done. So it is not 100% I can pull it off, but I already talked about it and they seemed willing to do it.
    So if you are interested in the custom avatar, just say so and give the image. Then I will make it happen :)

    Enjoy your victory!
    Here's what I did. Let me know what you think...
    Looks good. I think maybe it would be better with little touches of Sceptile and Serperior? Hmm... I think mine should have the Serperior touches, as it seems more feminine. Maybe yours should have a bit of Cacturne? I'm think an extremely grass-type theme would be good.
    I've never tried drawing most of those Pokemon before, so this should be fun and/or end up terribly.

    Alright, I'll post a transparent .png on your profile when I'm done, I think. (You could always colour over it as well)
    Sure thing, then. Would your character just be Brendan, or more like yourself irl? Also, send in the team members, and I'll try to get started asap.
    Any preference for what you'd like to do? Personally, I think you'd be best at colouring, but whatever goes.
    Not actually sure how it could be done traditionally, unless you mean via scanning, but then you'd have very little flexibility with the given linework...

    I'm up for whatever. First option sounds good, though I don't really have a team planned yet, so I'll just go with MegBlaziken or something lol. Would we do the linework for our own teams, or colouring each others', or what? Unless one person does one task for both...?
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