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Recent content by burnt_lucario

  1. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #119 "Revusolor!"

    It's been a little bit since I've participated... Revamp: Recolor: Fusion w/ Reuniclus: Reuniclus is fairly difficult to get right in a fusion. And I just realized I made the recolor look like Mewtwo without intending to.
  2. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week 118 Poll

    My vote is for ,Ex. Awesome idea and just too cute ^^
  3. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #113 "Love your neighbor ... or just steal his colors!"

    Awesome entries so far! Lunatone with Seviper's colors. This went a lot better than expected.
  4. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week 108 Poll

    My vote is for Pigeon Mitch. I like the glowing effect of the eye.
  5. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #108 "Enter the new dimension!"

    I really like this idea ^^. My blender skills are rusty, but this was still fairly easy to do, so if some of you are on the fence about it, definitely give it a shot. The tutorial helps a bunch. Also, I didn't do it here, but how much, if at all, would we be allowed to tweak the sprite before...
  6. burnt_lucario

    GWSC - Tournament Poll Week 3

    My vote goes to Mystery Artist 6. Eye-catching and quite an intriguing idea. A close second was mystery artist 3. It looks like it could be something from the Mother series, which I like.
  7. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #105 "We are Golden!"

    I'm quite pleased with how this turned out ^^ Good luck everyone!
  8. burnt_lucario

    GWSC - Tournament Poll Week 2

    Voting for Mystery artist 2. Too cute!
  9. burnt_lucario

    GWSC - Tournament Poll Week 1

    My vote is for Mystery Artist 4. I really like the design of this one.
  10. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week 101 Poll

    My vote goes to 9dragonbreed - Starmie + sunflower.
  11. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #101 "Flower Power!"

    Here's my entry! It's based off of an Asiatic Lilly I found off of google images. If this is too much of a pattern change to be considered a recolor, let me know and I'll change it. And I will try to make time to enter the tourney if there is one ^^
  12. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week 96 Poll

    Been so busy that I almost forgot to vote! So I vote for ,Ex. So beautiful and detailed beyond belief.
  13. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #96 "2,5 Dimensions!"

    Last minute entry but I wanted to do this badly: I wanted to give Porygon Z more of a shiny/glossy effect...not too sure about it though. Fun to make nonetheless!
  14. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week 95 Poll

    My vote is for ,Ex's Ludicolo. Put it in R/B/Y and I wouldn't even question what a Ludicolo is doing in a first generation game. Good job!
  15. burnt_lucario

    GWSC- Week #95 "Everybody loves May!"

    I had a feeling somebody else would have devamped Blaziken by the time I finished mine...and by someone so talented. Not too bad for my first devamp! I even altered some shapes and sizes of various parts.