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Recent content by bushie

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    General Character Discussion Thread

    how did everyone feel about hau. He didn't feel like a rival to me
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    Pokémon X & Y Music Appreciation Thread

    I love snowbelle city theme especially when it snows. your hometown music is also great. very new agey. I listen to it all the time.
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    I'd go with a fire poke vulpix or growlithe
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    Hoenn Starters vs Kanto Starters?

    kanto starters 2 to 1. I prefer charizard over blazekien and squirtle over mudkip. I do however prefer treecko over bulbasaur
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    General Characters/Storyline Thread

    it seems that every generation since gold silver and Crystal everyone complains about their rivals. maybe they should go back to your rivals hating you. I missed rivals who hated you like silver(I think that's his name) and gary.
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    Gym Leaders & Elite Four Thread

    same here I even thought about evolving pikachu but I leveled it up and it won.
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    How much of your pokedex is done?

    my dex been done a while ago after I heard of the Wi-Fi shutdown I ramped it up
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    Any body still playing these games?

    I still play occasionally I've been thinking of restarting
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    Which Pokemon do you like following you in HG/SS?

    shiny noctowl is awesome following me with its wings flapping. I also like mew very cute
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    I'm trading a shiny flawless gliscor with poison heal ability looking for shiny kanhgaskhan or scizor
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    still lookin for shiny kangaskhan can offer a shiny beatric or camerupt or vulpix or giratina all shiny
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    Termination of Generation IV and Generation V Wi-Fi Services on May 20th: Discussion

    with the 4th and 5th gen wifi going offline nintendo should drop the prices on all 4th and 5th gen games, because with no wifi there isn't many reasons to buy them.
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    i'm looking for shiny kangaskhan can offer shiny golurk or hydrogien or beatric or vulpix
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    Bank Ball Trading Thread

    i'm looking for the 2 kalos mid evo starters fennekin and chespin i can offer a dream ball charmader or squirtle or turtwig
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    Event Trading Thread

    I'm trading a touched genesect looking for a meleotta or a shiny