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  • Ai da's kut man.. Het was ook een raar weekend. PSV en Feyenoord die allebei met 2 doelpunten achterstaan en dan alsnog met 3-2 winnen. Hopelijk gaan we het allebei beter doen.
    Well, maybe. But being here for so long and being stuck with the littly Misty picture next to my name, it sure is nice to see Lt. Surge. And no, it has nothing to do with my sexual preference. I'm straight as a ruler, lol.
    Dude, scary... That's also one of my favourites. I have several favourites. That one, the battle against Paul in the Sinnoh League, the final battle against Pyramid King Brandon and the 6 vs 3 battle with Roxie. I still wonder how bad *** (no typo) would get his butt kicked if Roxies used all 6 pokémon.
    You mean like single, double or triple? I'd say single, but if that's not what you mean, feel free to ask.
    Oh, just a soccer club in a big city near my own hometown. Thought that maybe you knew where Eindhoven is..
    The Netherlands, so yeah, that makes us both European. Maybe PSV Eindhoven rings a bell to you?
    I like many Pokemon but my 3 favourites are Charizard (my number 1 favourite), Bulbasaur and Squirtle.
    I live in Finland, which is far from America. Where do you live?
    Always have been. I was a Grovyle fan before but finally decided for myself that Charizard is my number one. Followed by Steelix (number 2) and Latios (number 3). And then, Grovyle (number 4). So, where do you live? Always nice to find out. My guess is somewhere in America?
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