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  • Hey buzz, sorry i took so long in getting back to you - thanks for your offer, if it's still available, i'd like to take you up on it... :) Where are you from?
    Hey, you messaged me ages ago, I haven't been on this site in months, I'm a casual player, so probably wouldn't be any use to you but let me know ho its goin
    Hey Buzz! I'm SO SO SO Sorry it took me so long to reply to you. I'm a really bad dosser... :?
    On the bright side, I know you and a few others will get the slang I use, seeing as you use it too! :p

    Oh, yeah, back to what you asked: Sure, I'd love to join/help set up this club. Need anything and I'll see if I can get it! ^_^
    Yeah, I'm defo in too. I've never really done any competitive battling before or anything but this might be a start.
    Hey! I'm defo in aswel and one of my friends will also be up for it! Its about time Ireland gets its face on the pokemap! haha I've been playing since the beginning too! :D Sooo long ago! But yeah! Please keep me posted! Thanks very much!
    Sure, why not?
    Give me an excuse to go back training my teams as opposed to just going through Diamond collecting Rotoms.
    no shineys :( only startin to collect them now...
    I can offer a rare pokemon that you want and it can hold any item you want...
    (some pokemon might be hacked if that matters to you......)
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