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    Hi, I've been curious about this for a while and I was hoping someone could tell me.

    Remember Yami Ryu? The really harsh sprite critic? What happened to her?
    lol no, it's a wip for testing the animation speed + fluidity. problem is the legs are two pixels lower and over in each frame and i'ma friad one each frame would be overdoing it.
    Hi, just wondering if you're gonna fix your sprite. I appreciate the lack of an explicit ask for all seven colours, which was deliberate as the lines between colours is debatable. However, the response to a question a few posts above, and the implication of the specific theme should have pointed you in a different direction. I'd be willing to accept six colours, five even, but three does seem like you're forcing yourself into a loophole.

    Cheers mate ^^
    uhm... im sorry i dont think this qualifies because its not rainbow...
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