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  • sorry it took so long, but i got all six. aurora and cosmos had to be breed in my french game cuz the japanese one only allows 5 characters in a nn.
    they are still forgein though. let me know when you are able to trade.

    ok i take back what i said. sunny and aurora have vital spirit instead of pickup.
    if you want to trade the four that are ready that's fine. i'm not sure when i'll have time this week to breed again. but i'll see what i can do.
    how about
    bagon, elekid, eevee, bellsprout, abra and vulpix?
    male or female don't matter. are they original or childern from the dw?
    did they inheritate or have any dw abilities or cool moves i should know about? 2 are for myself. the others i'll put in the shop. (if that's ok with you.)
    one that knows tackle, thunder fang, ice fang and charm
    one with yawn and tackle(can teach giga impact before breeding)
    and most of the higher moves they learn later can be worked into breeding too.
    Could you make all 6 with the 3 fangs + pursuit? In addition to the 6, what other egg move Lillipups do you have?

    I can offer a few DW females, egg move pokes, or any breedable pokemon across all 5 gens.

    What timezone are you? I'm GMT -8/ USA Pacific.
    anything i can add to my shop.
    as far as attacks, do you want the basic two that they usually start with? i do have a male that knows fire fang, thunder fang, ice fang and pursuit. i have a few other egg move lillipups too. i don't know how long it will take me, but i don't think it should be long.
    probably by tomorrow if all goes well. any time that's best to trade?
    - nn: Cosmos | male | Lv. 1 | Adamant | Pick Up ability
    - nn: Astro | male | Lv. 1 | Adamant | Pick Up ability
    - nn: Cosmo | male | Lv. 1 | Adamant | Pick Up ability
    - nn: Aurora | female | Lv. 1 | Adamant | Pick Up ability
    - nn: Luna | female | Lv. 1 | Adamant | Pick Up ability
    - nn: Sunny | female | Lv. 1 | Adamant | Pick Up ability
    are you looking to get all of the lillipups from different people or the same source.
    let me know i have a variety of lillipups and breed some specifically for you.
    (meaning attacks or nationality, currently can breed japanese, english or french)

    i consider myself to be one of the lead runners in lillipup hoarders. (only 80 or so, so far-goal to get all 24 boxes filled with different lillipups) let me know. i can get you one or all six. and if you want them to have different trainers i can do that too. i have six gen5 games.
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