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    Community POTW #92 - Special

    Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. Both are very destructive forces who each have their advantages and disadvantages. Even Giovanni couldn't tear down these walls White Kyurem Ability: Turboblaze Nature: Timid Item: Leftovers/Life Orb EV's: 56 HP/200 SPA/252 SP Substitute Roost Fusion Flare/Earth...
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    Community POTW #9

    I think I'm going to take a shot at it this week. How can you be so Reckless?! Ability: Reckless Nature: Adamant Ev's: 252 AT/252 SP/6 HP Item: Choice Band/Life Orb Flare Blitz Wild Charge Head Smash Superpower/Hammer Arm this set seems pretty simple really. Reckless boosted...
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    For all things relative to politics.

    Senator Arlen Specter's party switch was actually the most surprising thing I heard on the political front today. Even with Specter though, the democrats aren't guaranteed to recieve his vote on almost everything, for example EFCA. Specter not a Guaranteed Vote for Dems The best news of...
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    For all things relative to politics.

    Well, the special election held to replace Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Tuesday is still in limbo due to the close results, several counties having yet to re-canvass, and about 10,000 absentee ballots at max yet to be counted...
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    For all things relative to politics.

    Just a quick rundown, The Cook Political Report happens to have a poll map of all the senators up for election in 2010, but a few of them are incorrect. Whoa, NY's seat was updated already. For those who don't know, New York Governor David Paterson appointed Representative Kirsten Gillibrand...
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    For all things relative to politics.

    Star Tribune has some of them too. You can also vote on unresolved ballots if you register or something like that. What also needs to be put to rest is the relations between the Obama camp and Blagojevich. They don't seem to realize that the longer they try to deal with Blagojevich's actions...
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    For all things relative to politics.

    Well, according to this, as of 3:02p.m., Franken's lead was 257. Since I have no knowledge in recount politics, what happens should the race still be uncalled by Jan. 3, 2009 when the new congress meets?
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    How do YOU counter Garchomp... (Discussion and BRAINSTORM!)

    I think I found a sort of "Loose Counter" to the following Garchomp: The Garchomp: Garchomp@Yache Berry Adamant Nature 252 AT/252 SP/4 HP Swords Dance Outrage Earthquake Fire Fang The "Counter:" Glaceon@Choice Scarf Modest Nature 252 HP/32 DE/74 SPA/152 SP...
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    MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE

    The opponent would have to use Swords Dance then. Trade back Scyther's a decent candidate for this. One thing I'm able to do in Yellow is doing the Mew Glitch starting with the Rocket by the Ether, and when the trick is complete, you can skip all the trainers on the bottom of Mount Moon...
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    MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE

    I can still remember the days of Missingno and the Hall of Fame. Basicly, as you said, encountering Missingno corupts your Hall of Fame. Should you beat the Elite 4 after this encounter, those entries will be fine, but the prior ones will still be glitched up. I've even done a speedrun...
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    New Dub Titles (Season 13)

    Pokemon's Schedule on Cartoon Network's Website It's confirmed alright.
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    Complete Moveset Thread

    Which one works better as a starter on a Sandstorm themed team, Tyranatar or Hippowdon? I'm assuming the latter, but I'll list both their sets anyway. Hippowdon@Leftovers Impish Nature 252 HP/252 DE/6 SPD or AT Earthquake Ice Fang Stealth Rock Slack Off Tyranatar@Choice Scarf...
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    Sandshrew's Locker! (515)

    I must say when I first watched the episode, it didn't feel like I was watching a TAJ dubbed episode at all. It was done so well, it was almost as if 4Kids did this one. To bad it was the only one that season. I'm pretty sure Mira's Abra sounds just like Sabrina's Abra, and Sandshrew sounds...
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    New Dub Titles (Season 13)

    We'll be coming 'round the mountain when we come... We'll be coming 'round the mountain when we come... We'll be coming 'round the mountain, We'll be coming 'round the mountain, We'll be coming 'round the mountain when we commee! I found that one kinda obvious.
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    Battle Dimensions Opening - "We Will Be Heroes"

    That name sounds familiar to me too. Wasn't she a guest singer on The Muppet Show at one time, or am I thinking of someone else? Anyway, the opening wasn't too bad. In fact, it's nice. It would've been nice if it were longer though. The Japanese credits in the opening was unexpected, and a...