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  • Well, I was going to major in psychology so I could study the psychology of shipping, but psychology caused me to have a nervous breakdown. Too cold and material realist for my sensative nature. So now I'm thinking either theatre or creative writing... I'm going to continue studying Japanese, though, and I think I want to become a translator. We don't have a Japanese major at my college, so that's why I'm not majoring in it. I'm a little worried about catching up on what I missed when I left mid-semester, but... I think I can do it. I already know all the kanji they learned, plus about 140 more. All I need to work on is the grammar and vocabulary. But knowing all those kanji will help me greatly with the vocabulary.
    Well, we have a system. Everyone gets a number, the lower the better. You and your roommate figure out who has the better number, and you go off that one. Seniors and juniors get the best numbers, then sophomores, then freshmen. I guess everyone has to be a freshman and sophomore sometime, though.
    Yup. See, there are two freshmen dorms (which upperclassmen can live in if there's no extra room, but no one wants to), four other dorms, and a group of nearby apartments that the school owns. One of the air-conditioned dorms is too small and is known for being kind of dirty, and the other is almost impossible to get into if you're not a senior. The apartments are the same. So most of us got stuck with no air conditioning.
    Oh, just a day or so. Well, that's how long it's been hot, at least. It's not as bad as college my third semester. It's an old school, and the older buildings have no air conditioning at all. It was miserable until about late September. Really? Well, good luck with all that!
    You're welcome. Not at all. I'm fine. The air conditioning in my house is out, so it's really hot inside... but we're getting it fixed tomorrow. I've just been hanging out watching anime and reading manga lately. What about you?
    Yeah, xxxHolic is episodic in the beginning, but it doesn't stay that way for as long as Tsubasa. Linear just means that it has a directed, continuous plot. It's the opposite of episodic.
    Yeah, that's right. Love Com has an anime, but it hasn't been licenced here (damn licencers publishing mediocre shonen instead). I've seen the fan-dub, though, and it's really good. There's also a live action movie (which they did licence here, for some reason), but it's not as good as the others. You've probably heard me talk about Love Com before. The main characters are Risa and Ootani, and I mention them a lot in comparison to Pokeshipping on that thread.

    I have mixed feelings about Tsubasa. The story is episodic, and some parts are very good. But some are better than others, and there's this one boring, slow arc that lasts for about three volumes. It becomes linear in volume 14, but that's a long time to wait. The characters are a mix, too. Sakura and Syaoran are pretty flat, but Fai and Kurogane are really interesting, especially when they interact. The art is always beautiful, though, and CLAMP draws realistic facial expressions. I'd recommend it if you've read a lot of CLAMP's works, since the crossovers are one of the things that make it fun. Although, my best friend liked it, and she's not even into anime or manga. So I guess it just depends. I like Tsubasa, but I much prefer xxxHolic.
    Hey! Oh, yes, I just love to recommend manga. It's hard to get me to shut up about it. Especially Love Com (aka Lovely Complex). I swear, the romance is so similar to Pokeshipping... but the characters are different and loveable in their own right. The romance is wonderful. The great thing about it is that it focuses on the friendship between the two, instead of getting all mushy, and it explores a lot more than just the build-up to a confession. It's pretty realistic in that department. The the main characters are great (and so are the supporting characters), and the story is original. Oh, and it's also hilarious. It takes about a volume for it to really get going, but once it does, it doesn't let up.

    Then there's Skip Beat. The characters are amazing, and they grow a lot throughout the manga. Kyoko really makes the manga what it is. The story is great and doesn't get old, and Kyoko is so funny. It's also got some interesting messages about relationships and people in general. The romance is good once it gets started, but that's not until about volume 4.

    Koukou... I mean, High School Debut is also really cute. The romance and story are good, but the best part is the heroine, Haruna. She's really cute and funny.

    I have a few more... but maybe I should just leave you with those for now.
    Wow a random person posting a VM. o_o;; Oh-kay.

    Well you can go to certain journals/communities that make layouts for anyone to use, like this one. There's a faq page there that you can read if you have no clue what to do. :]
    Bah, I don't look down upon Poke-drug users. But I do look down on people who question using them. Muahahaha!
    That's right. It comes from the word "relationship." I think the first was "Rocketshipping," which is Jessie/James. The word "ship" was used there because "rocketship" just sounded cute, and other people picked it up.
    Oh, Pokeshipping is supporting the pairing of Ash/Misty from the anime. We have a whole long thread about it in the shipping forum.
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