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  • It bothers me the simple fact that mega-evolution exits. All the megas have badass faces, desproportional limbs, excess of spikes and strikpes, and some of them have a mega-hair that makes it look like a drag queen.

    GF announced they'll introduce few stuff on Gen 7th because they'll try to balance the unbalance we have been through over the generations. I'm happy with that being said and I hope they eliminate these mega-evolutions (which are actually a temporary transformation) because they f*cks the battle and they unbalance the game even more. Many of them have BST over 650, isn't that unbalanced? If opponent's mega-evolution is in advantage to your mega-evolution, so the chances you have a good non-evolution to counter his one are very low so it's just time until it sweeps your whole team.
    More of an opinion than a fact, although I did like that gen for what it was. I agree however, I would have preferred more Pokemon, but also more actual evolutions to improve certain Pokemon that could do with an evolution (Like they did in D/P/P). Megas do make things unbalanced, but all they need to do is make the use of Megas restricted e.g. Megas being allowed/disallowed in certain matches based on the options chosen.
    Well, what's the point of creating Pokemons that are going to be banned on tournaments? To make them just for fun? Therefore, don't do them, it is a waste of time, and worse... it is a waste of ideas. A nice and more acceptable way to remember of Pokemons from the previous generation is by creating pre-evolutions or evolutions, like Gen IV did. We have a lot of standalones that really needed an pre-evolution (Laparas, Pinsir, Heracross, Skarmory, Kecleon, Tropius, Zangoose), and some crappy ones that needed an evolution (Dunsparce, Maractus, Weezing). Kanto Pokemons will never be forgotten, and they were the ones who most received mega-evolutions. Bad way to remember them... Just make them availabe in the Kalos dex, and it was already enough.
    The fact is that the Pokemon series' battle mechanics reached their prime at Generation V. I said "battle mechanics". It wasn't needed to introduce so new stuff in Gen VI, as being a totally 3D game is already enough to make the game wonderful. When they started to change the game a lot, then it started to suck. GF should try to fix the unbalance we have been through during all these years, and they announced that's what they plan for 7th Gen. fairy type come out to balance the type chart, alhtough some of the typing changes I disagree. Mega evolutions, however, doesn't fix the unbalance of the game, it gets it even more unbalanced. GF introduced the mega evolution as last resort to people don't complain they introduced few stuff in Gen VI when in fact there isn't much else to introduce as Pokemon is very at its prime, but they still could find new cool stuff to input in like the sky battles, hord battles, mounting and diagonal walking. They should have created more Pokemons, instead mega evolutions, we wanted to see new Pokemons, not alternate forms for the ones we're very used to play.
    Yes, they're so very powerful. It's not by chance that Smogon have already banned some. Their introduction were one of the biggest mistakes Game Freak has done to the series. There is a rumor that they'll be availabe only on Kalos depending on how the gameplay is affected, then no mega-evolutions on 7th generation.
    Mega-Evolutions are not a 4th evolution, they're alternate form.

    It's stupid to name them of "Mega EVOLUTIONS", but it sounds better than "Mega Forms".

    And unlike you suggested, Mega Evolutions were not introduced to power up the inferiors, like the weak Beedril, as you wanted, they just let more powerful the Pokemons that already were powerful, like Absol, Gyarados, Garchomp, Alakazam, Tyranitar etc.
    Wow, how pathetic that you dug up an old post of mine, that I forgot that I even made just to prove how wrong I was.

    So I was wrong who gives a crap?
    I understand. ^^
    If I remember correctly, I said this a while ago, even before the Mega Evolutions (and the Fairy type) were announced. It's possible my opinion changed during that time, though. But one thing I want to say, though; aren't Mega Evolution, surprisingly, the exact thing I was mentioning ? Why did they introduced Mega Evolutions instead of fourth evolutionary stage ? Maybe to prove it won't happen in a long time ? o:
    Mega Evolutions are simple forms. What I meant is we'll never see an evolution line of 4 Pokémon without Mega Evolution. :p
    Registered your 3DS FC. Mine is in my sig. Hopefully we can visit each other in New Leaf soon.
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