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  • Well I can make a couple hundred this weekend if New England loses, other wise I'll probably only win close to a hundred. I hate the Patriots.
    I don't know. I somehow have to make 300 dollars in about 3 weeks, so that won't cover much.
    I just took it out and put a big band-aid on it. I though it would hurt or something at least.
    Okay I guess. I've been a little stressed out latley due to school, the staff, family issues and what not. Such is life though, how have you been?
    I've listened to All Hope Is Gone three times today, it really is amazing, without a doubt the best album I've ever listened to. Better lyrics, better guitar solos, better riffs, all around better than SK's previous albums. "Gematria (The Killing Name)", the second track on the album, is really thrashy, I think you'd like it, "This Cold Black" too.

    /fanboy rant
    Looks like we could get second now thanks to Vava's demise. Course he/she was so far ahead of us it might not matter....................
    Made my opponent go to sleep. Win to me. But I didn't gain though. The forums conked out for me at about 2.00am (going by the Serebii clock)
    wow lot's to say here...

    1. Woot for people born in december
    2. Youre going to become a troll? That would be sweet!

    Do you like the sites RPG's?
    Well I certianly hate to hear that your considering being a troll. Your a cool and intelligent poster. If you do decide to troll, it's not going to be in the Misc section. ^^
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