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  • Through Silver in Blood is definitely worth it. Heavy and angry as ****. Not as good as Times of Grace, The Eye of Every Storm or A Sun That Never Sets, but still damn good.
    you should really check out J Dilla's material to get an idea of his influence on many producers (which includes Black Milk). check out Donuts.
    so what rap have you been listening to since i gave you those recommendations?
    to give you a rough idea of what i'm talking about:

    Black Milk - Long Story Short
    Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M.
    J Dilla - Time: Donut of the Heart
    UGK - 3 in da Morning
    Madvillain - Figaro

    Compare them to the thin, overproduced material that is usually played on the radio and the like.
    Production is all-encompassing (beats, samples, et cetera). It takes a lot of talent to be a genuinely great producer (as with any sort of musical genre), which is sadly lost on ****-tards who dismiss rap as rubbish.
    Cool. Definitely no need to listen to too much at once.

    Oh, and one other recent recommendation, mainly for the production angle: Black Milk's Tronic. Absolutely phenomenal.
    Jay-Z's a good rapper, just not as consistent as I'd like.

    Figured that you'd go for Organized Konfusion and The Coup first, and was pretty confident you'd dig both. You check out any of the others yet?

    Organized Konfusion's Stress (The Extinction Agenda) (amazing jazz sampling with some of the best rapping EVER; solidified Pharoahe Monch as my all-time favorite rapper); Big L's Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous (so macabre it's hilarious. Production is wanting but who cares with rapping this amazing); Jay-Z's The Blueprint (just cuz, I guess); GZA's Liquid Swords (not as engaging per se as the Wu-Tang debut, but this is more accessible, I think); The Coup's Steal This Album (Public Enemy has **** all on The Coup; the production is so much better, and the lyrics and delivery aren't as preachy and annoying); UGK's Ridin' Dirty (great rapping with unbelievable production; basically the blueprint for southern rap, excepting infinitely better than nearly all records that followed. You in particular would dig the production for this, I'm sure)

    Should do you good starting out.
    btw would i be able to get you on rap

    cuz i need to get more people here on rap
    My Spanish teacher is all happy-go-lucky-kindergarden-fun-time and my old german teacher was as boring as a tree stump. She did let me sleep though, which was pretty cool. So was my Pre-Algebra teacher, but she yelled at me if I put my head down. -_-
    Some teachers are way past the age to retire. I wonder why they won't, sometimes.
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