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  • No, obviously it was a cult.

    But to be perfectly honest, when you do think about it does seem "clique". I dunno, it would seem more appropriate to call it something else. =/

    Clique doesn't seem right, though it is.
    I really should :D Add more ***gy music to the thread

    Unfortunately I barely get any time on the computer anymore.
    I realise it's been a long time since I've ever talked to you D:

    So I guess it's best to start anew or something? idk =/
    we should keep "HellKorn's identify" from him honestly i could see this turning out to be hilarious
    there's probably a lot of there you've not checked out, though, unless you've been lurking and checking out my posts in that recent rock thread and past "what are you listening to" topics.

    thread has become even more ridiculous.
    acoustic as in no electrical instruments? you have plenty of individual artists/sing-songwriters like that, but i'm struggling to think of bands that place an emphasis on that.

    if you want sing-songwriter material, i have plenty of recommendations there.
    That's pretty awesome to have one "classic" album a year. It certainly beats a lot of other bands that produce one album every five years and get to top the charts with each release.
    lol Tool

    what else are you interested in
    Radiance of Shadows was released in 2007. They release a lot of material each year; aside from the split with A Storm of Light and the cover album, Nadja have two more albums coming out later this year. Their catalogue isn't perfect because of this, obviously, but they don't release bad albums, and they almost always produce a real gem each year.

    The longest song they've done is one that lasts an hour; no longer than Sleep's Dopesmoker.
    Bit surprised that you like them. But yeah, Nadja is one of the best bands ever. Aidan Baker is basically a god.

    Radiance of Shadows and Bodycage are their two best albums; I think they're reissuing the latter sometime later this year.
    Haha. If you mean tick-off, try disagreeing with someone's opinion!

    But if you mean tick as in energy and stuff, caffeine, red bull, etc.
    Heh, guess so. I'm at a beach in Jersey for a week now, I'm burnt like toast, which would be preventing me from sleeping anyway. -_- This being my third day here.

    I rolled around on the uncomfortable sofa at our small little beach house we rented, and couldn't go to sleep, so I decided to sneak on my ma's laptop and get on the forums. Great way to pass time, I suppose.
    Hey, it's me again, being bored with a really weird case of insomnia...
    What's up?
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