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  • I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet don't have no rhythm~ (cd) xP

    I had some weird dreams last night!
    Thank you! I don't think my drawing is good, but I do think it's cute. I will put it on DeviantArt next Thursday. Of course I remembered Togetic, Togetic belongs with Misty! But your drawing of "my" Misty is much better, both because you are awesome at drawing and because I think my outit for Misty fits her better than yours (but yours is fine as well).

    Thank you! That beach idea is a part of chapter 5 of the fanfic, in the end of the chapter. I won't tell you until you read chapter 5, that would be spoiling.

    Thank you! I hope you will, chapter 5 isn't that long anyways.

    Do you understand why I took out the swimsuit contest? I put it in because I thought some fans would like it, but I just felt uncomfortable with it, it made me look like a sexist, which I am not. By the way, if the swimsuit contest would still be there: Misty won (with 99% of the votes, only Gary voted for Jasmine)! But that isn't important anymore, because I replaced the swimsuit contest. My lack of feeling comfotable with chapter 5 saved Jasmine from a big humilliation.

    Thank you! I never post in alternative shipping, I often post in Pokemon shipping (only in the PokeShipping thread and some general polls there). Thank you for believing me that I'm not a basher! That quote from Flame Mistress which I showed you in my last VM really hurts me...

    EDIT: Flame Mistress told me she wasn't referring to me. I hope she told me the truth, it really seemed like she was talking about me...
    Really? Thank you!

    Sorry for asking this, but could you please reply to my other VM's? I'll put it short to make it easier for you:
    - http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q571/MarvelscaleMilotic/CALAMITY.jpg The drawing I promised you, I also sent it in an earlier VM to you, but you didn't respond to it...
    - I deleted the swimsuit contest in the fic, I didn't feel comfortable about it... I put in a Gary vs. Ash battle instead.
    - I can't do the forest drawing, I tried it for hours today. I already accepted another request: I'll try a romantic beach drawing. Do you like that idea?
    - Your drawing of "my" Misty is gorgeous!
    - Have you already read chapter 5 of the fanfic?
    - I think DeviantArt would be fun for you, you just need to build up a friend/fan base.


    - Die-hard PokéShippers (you know who you are)
    - People who bash other shippings (maybenot fear, but hate)
    She means me with "die-hard PokeShippers", and she says I bash other shippings...

    Do you think I bash other shippings? I don't. I hate shippings with Ash or Misty involved that aren't PokeShipping, but I don't bash them and I also don't bash people who support them.
    after the "who's that pokemon" they had a trainers choice for example ash would say "hey trainers which pokemon evolves into golduck? and then there would be 3 multiple choice answers and u choose the one u think it is then when the commerical comes back they give u the right answer and u see if u were right thats what I mean i wanted to let you know if u liked that? im sure they put it where u r as well?... and aw I agree despite misty thinking psyduck is annoying she loves her ducky
    Sorry for the third VM in a row, but I've got a surprise for you! :)


    It's my drawing of "your" Misty, like I promised! What do you think of it?

    I prefer Misty in the outfit I chose for her, but drawing this was fun as well! And I included Togetic! Thank you for accepting the idea of drawing each other's interpretation of 16 year old Misty! I think your drawing of "my" Misty is gorgeous, and my drawing of "your" Misty was a lot of fun!

    However, I don't think drawing Ash and Misty in a forest with bug Pokemon won't be possible, I tried it for hours today, and I just can't do it. Sorry... Do you have another suggestion? If not, I'll try to think of something myself, or ask other people. But because I wanted to draw your idea (but I kept failing for hours), I'd prefer drawing something else requested by you.
    Aww... I would've loved it if you would upload it... I won't ask you to upload doodles, but good art like the two Misty drawings and the first DeviantArt drawing of yours should be on it! And I'm sure that you'll like DeviantArt, just give it a shot and decide your opinion after that! You don't have a lot of followers and friends on DeviantArt, it's going to be fun if you get those. When I just started, I didn't like it that much as well. But when I started being active and uploading a lot of drawings, I got comments and favs from people and gave comments and favs on drawings I liked. That are good conversation openers, talking to people about Pokemon. That's how you can start making friends. When you have some DA friends, it's going to be fun. And I'm your DA friend and I am a watcher of you on DA, so you already have a start.

    You just need to get a fans/friends base, and uploading drawings and commenting on the drawings of other people is the best way to do that.

    Well, I started with Gary and thought about a girlfriend for him. I don't know why, but I really like the idea I randomly got (thanks to your avatar). But do you really hate the idea of Gary x Jasmine, or do you just not support it?

    Brock forever alone? NEVER! In the fic, he's with Nurse Joy, and I also like Brock x Lucy. But Brock x Jasmine isn't that bad...

    When you read chapter 5, could you please tell me what you liked and what you didn't like? And are there things you'd like to see happen in the fic?

    I want to say this again: your drawing of "my" Misty is gorgeous and perfect!
    If you read the chapter, could you please tell me what you liked about it, and what you didn't like about it?

    I'm working on my drawing of "your" Misty. It's not really good, but also not awful. Well, it is awful, but my drawing skills are awful. For my drawing skills, it's not really good but also not that bad. I think I'll be able to finish and scan it tomorrow, then I'll show you the result.

    Sorry for the third VM without you answering in a row...
    AW you are so cute lol! what do you think about the trainers choice? like which pokemon evolves into s & so? LOL! and omg I just noticed that whos that pokemon was foreshadowing cuz it would appear in the next episode...
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