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Aug 20, 2018
Sep 28, 2011
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daydreaming ~

Callie-Rose was last seen:
Aug 20, 2018
    1. Bluemiracle
      Ah thanks :) yes, shame it wasn't female but still very nice, especially because it managed to get very nice IVs

      I think I'm going start MM a DW Vulpix with Hypnosis :) and this time HOPEFULLY I will get a female. What about you? Planning any hunts?
    2. DJMonty
      I'm REing the Gastly, and I've done 750 encounters. I can't chain until I get some tape, because my DS's spring is too strong, so the games must be held in place with tape, and the current game is HG. I'll need to complete Platinum, too.
    3. DJMonty
      Not bad, not bad at all. Tomorrow marks the end of my mock exams, and on Friday I will be taking my German speaking exam (which actually counts towards my GCSE!). Then, I'll have no more exams until January 10th. Also, no luck with Gastly!
    4. Bluemiracle
      really? you manged to get not one but two shiny Snorunts? Thats really cool :D you can have Glalie and a Froslass. So in the end it made up for 1k bulbasaur eggs :)

      I'm hoping for a female snorunt because I really wanted a shiny Froslass, but I suppose a shiny male Glalie is not bad too :) oh and no I don't think I saw those pictures
    5. DJMonty
      Seriously, I've never seen one. I started to read Goldeneye, but found better things to read. And Luton is in the south-east, 30 miles north of London. Our town is about 30 miles from Cambridge. We're on the Kings Cross line if you're coming from the north, and the Cambridge line if you're coming from the south.
    6. Bluemiracle
      Hey Callie :) not so well, I think I'm out of luck after I got those 3 shinies last week. Reached 1000 Spheal eggs and nothing so yesterday I decided to MM Snorunt for a while - over 400 eggs and also nothing

      Hows your CH going? Any luck with Spheal?
    7. DJMonty
      I'm not a fan of Twilight (I saw the first film and read the first book), and I've never seen a James Bond film. I plan to, though.

      You could always come and see it with us? We're a few miles north of Luton.
    8. DJMonty
      The Hobbit is the only reason we're doing a marathon: To prepare for next Saturday, when we're seeing the midnight showing.
    9. DJMonty
      The exam wasn't too bad. Questions 1-4 weren't too bad, 5 was horrific and 6 was easy. Lord of the Rings marathon tomorrow, and I see my grandad on Sunday, so I have a good weekend planned. Any plans for the weekend?
    10. DJMonty
      Hey there!

      How did your exam go today?
    11. DJMonty
      Oh, it's Lang. Can't wait to get it over with.

      I currently have no shinies. Currently going for a Gastly at Bellsprout Tower. Anhd I've been teaching myself Pokemon songs on guitar. I've mastered the Route One theme and Lavender Town. I have most of the Indigo League anime theme down, too.
    12. DJMonty
      I'm still into battling, but I'm more into completing games at the moment. Battling everyone, completing the Pokedex, etc. I'm taking a break by shiny hunting.

      The exam is the Unit One exam. I'm not sure what it's actually called, but it's 2 hours 15 minutes long D: Next week, I have exams for German, Resistant Materials, and possibly Maths. All are GCSE mocks.
    13. DJMonty
      Yeah, I remember you :)

      I'm doing well, thanks. English exam tomorrow, and I have a few exams over the next few weeks, but I'll be fine. What about you?
    14. Azulart
      Hm, well I have been MM breading some poks and I hatched some shiny's ;d :
      Torkoal - Tauros - Ponyta - Throh (Random breed). Oh I also found an random shiny Litwick :P

    15. Ambri
      Haha, thanks! :D I hope so too, I'm just at 200 SRs now XD. I really do love Shiny Kyurem, it'd be so great to have a lucky, short hunt for once~ Do you have a target for the Community Hunt as well? Good luck with getting Bulbasaur and Giratina! ^_^
    16. Azulart
      Sounds good, your still here or? (Since your a ninja :P)
    17. FairyWitch
      actually i use to but don't know and yeah i know it be a big handle on another club but i can just transfer it when we get busier and thank you :)
    18. Azulart
      doing gut thanks :), yourself?
    19. FairyWitch
    20. FairyWitch
      azulart quit the club before i did...he was tired of other people getting offended by critiques...thats why i had quite too...also i really think contest tor everyone apart...so there no else but me to take over sadly that is active...azulart anyway is busy he got alot of work...more then i do...he quit my art shop cuaz he was too busy...also checking art now ^_^
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