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  • yeah its really busy i keep closing up like in a few minutes since i do request one by one...my art has improved the last time you saw my banners...also i joined cuaz i missed you guys and the post count seriously needs help XD i thinking if kasiern doesn't come back and lead the club i may try to take over the club too if i really have to cuaz we need activity...i noticed the contest kinda ruined the club...everyone got inactive after that...
    oh cool and yeah i know how that feels XD looking at old art just been really busy with my art shop here on serebii...also i did rejoin the artist corner ^_^
    Yea I thought that too at first but I've seen people successfully hunt for a shiny DW Braviary on White 2. So I think its safe to assume Mandibuzz can be shiny along with Jellicent.. atleast I hope lol. But I don't track my SRs so I don't know the exact number but I would definitely say I'm over the odds at this point.
    Poor dollz, all they wanted was some attention and hugz from you :p. I think they have their own language which you cannot either hear.. You know like flies for example, I wonderd who they would all talk about, Hey you want some sh!t? hey, where can i find some sh!t or hey you got some sh!t on your face xD
    My perfect plush.. Aipom.. defonatly, I always wanted an plush of Aipom, but could never find.. After 1 gen the pokemon plushies weren't that populair anymore here. :(
    I am sure of it yeah, I bet you know how you make a man completely melt of you ! you would make me melt with kiss and an Aipom hug already haha!

    Which is good, I do try to keep my little azul alive. Although most others and society doesnt allow it :/
    I play pokemon and games to keep it alive :p Conventions? yeah sounds good. We should go together to pokcorporation and invent some new poks!
    We make it special edition, and they need to make an plush out of our creation :D

    The badge is an quik logo I made for myself :p. I hate those stuff like Credited Azulart text etc..
    I prefer small icons like that :) Yeah I know what you mean, I have had poeple at my shop who want me to make an banner and love it blah blah and dont use it at all, I prefer just to hear that it sucks. Atleast your more honest then :)
    Haha, your bedroom must have look like some sort of pokemon mystery dungoen :p When you slept, you were probably dissapeared for your parents xD
    always coverd in dollz. Really, you would do that? be carefull though, I will fall instantly in love with you xD

    Nope I dont, pokemon is not very populair here in NL thats one, plus it is either considerd as gay or ultra childish, I rather not give people the oppertunity to judge me like that.
    But I have to admit, it would be fun to know others who play the game like I do :p, little competive battling now and then.
    Thats cool Rose :) your friends seem cool already to me lol.

    Nope :(, I tried alot but another place would really ruin it. Maybe your right, maybe i should have left the small words away
    but on the other hand then the magic would also begone, because Pilgrimage doesnt really say much or something.
    Haha yeah indeed, I prefer your kind of feedback then asslickers xD but compliments now and then is always sweet ofcourse :)
    lol yeah the artist club silly XD i quit though...awhile ago...im glad your doing good though...
    Pff, I got tons. I even got Mew and Mewtwo xD.
    Your are just the same as me, I so cherised the dolls when I was young, and still remain to have a weakspot for it seriously,
    If a girl would buy me one, I would fall in love with her lol. But I always keep it a secret that I play pokemon xD.

    Thanks for the feedback ^^, the text was really hard. because of its size, I tried to make it the same style as I did the Pilgrimage but that would be unreadable :(.
    So just this one then. Bit harsh? not at all, your feedback was great, appeciated :)
    What do you think? :)
    Made it all myself except for the dino render.

    Naw dont worry, as I said, shyness is a good thing for woman xD

    Pokemon plushies? omg, you know although I am guy I still have a weak spot for pokemon plushies they are so cool and fluffy the same time.
    When I was young instead of catching all poks in the game, I wanted to catch all the pokemon plushies that every existed xD So i got like a closet full of those stuff :p.

    Working the weekend -_- you?

    For flat rules yeah but i'm not able to battle now or today, maybe monday..
    You really are extremely shy xD, I remember I once asked if you got facebook (I do understand that one though) and deviart (I dont understand that one xD) and now not even pictures of your work! xD. On the other hand, shyness is a good thing for woman in my opinion. :)

    Gladly, smoking is not allowed in my restaurant.
    Hm well its more like that I work the evening + night I do it now 2 days in a row.. but I think I cannot do that, so i'll have to talk with my boss about that one that I cannot work two nights in a row. that is just to much for me.

    Oh yeah your right xD let me know when you want to battle
    Working in a cinema sounds really cool :) I would love to do that aswell.
    You also did Night work? man that sucks so hard.. I hate it when all those drunk poeple arrive and such, really dislike it.

    Wow you paint much? Can you make an picture of some of your works, I am very curious :D
    Well, you can always check out my art-thread for updates :).
    Yeah bean a while!
    I'm oke, just got a new job. Working in a restaurant again but a diffrent one, its not really fun or something but I get well paid :)

    And what kept you so inactive? xD
    Even though your relationship is not really well, you'll always family. I use to be an tremendous b!tch towards my sister when she was young, hated her
    and rather see her dissapear. But well things happen in life and I realised how valuable she is now and were really close too. It was an matter of an choice though, I accepted her
    and reconized my flaws. But anyway, I think something personal from you will help the bond between you too :)

    Yeah exacktly, as long as people leave me alone with my believings I let them alone in theirs :p

    Yeah we did, in the beginning it was really hard to train her. (She shitted and pee'd everywhere) But now she is like the perfect dog lol.
    Even if she runs away from home by accident, she doesnt dare to get lost so she is always back in like 1 min haha. It is indeed sad, how some animals get treated..
    recently heard that an dog got all burned up.. and it still lives the poor thing :(. Stupid Humans.

    Oeh food names for animals are sick xD
    One of our birds is named Cheese. xD Minnie the dog hm? sounds better than Winnie the pooh :p
    No need to be expensive right, pick something else then xD
    Or make an drawing :) that'll always work, you know an drawing with you and him hugging, thats even more priceless than some amp :)
    He will also remember that, and later one he will show it to your children etc :)

    Even the ditto doesnt work since 5gen, he just copies the pokemon,
    doesnt make it's sprite shiny... :(

    High five there, I'm not an Atheist but I have no religion and secretly dispite it somehow,
    but I accept its there. So if people want to believe in religion thats fine by me lol.

    The male one we dont know.. the mother was kind of an hmm.. S|ut, so he is probably mixed lol.
    The female we dont really know either since she was adopted from Spain (She used to be an homeless dog, wandering the streets) But now she is extremey happy here :)

    Minstrel? never heard of that name before.. I like it, its unique :)
    Hm in that case the amp will do just fine :).

    Nope it wont :p, sadly you will only see the Bling-bling when its get switched out as the last one left.
    But thats okay, poeple will still notice the Purple black fox!

    Ofcourse not, I dont believe in alot of hollidays. The only holliday I believe in is birthdays lol.

    One is called Shadow (male) and the other is called Pasta (female)
    Whats yours called? :)
    I bought my sister some expensive perfume lol and my mother a statue (egyptian god statue) she loves those stuff :)
    An eighteen year old? what's so hard about that, your almost the same age no? :p. Well, guys from that age love gadgets. USB sticks or computer stuff, maybe an MP3 player.
    I hate those kind of stuff, so its not from my perspective lol. but most people do, so I think your safe with something close to that

    Yeah defonatly, he's not perfect but if he will not be very usable competive I always got an another Zorua in reserve ( 31/14/30/31/31/31 ) ^^ But he'll do good a think. He is really cool shiny xD

    Omg your hilarious, how about we two form an group? The anti-halloween gang.
    Our goal is to hunt down all the poeple who " trick or treat " and bring peace and silence to humanity xD

    Hey there doggy, greetings from my 2 dogs their curious of her.
    How are you doing hottie :p
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