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  • Hey there Rose ^^, going alright thanks for asking ;).
    Been to the mall with mom and sister to buy stuff for upcoming birthdays xD (mom's birthday tomorrow and the next day is my sisters birthday)

    I also received an pretty cool random shiny :D.
    Zorua Timid - 29/17/31/31/16/31
    Not bad for an random shiny MM no? :)

    How's life over there? Greetings to your fluffy dog xD
    Thanks ^^,

    I dindt paint it, I used brushes and such in Photoshop. But I dindt use any source of stock images or renders for it :)
    It's all made out of head and with the tools I have on photoshop.

    Yeah true, poeple prefer the frag stuff these days, not really my taste.
    But I left the club, not really my thing afterall. Besides, the banner competition turned out to be not fair at all, so i dont bother.
    Some suicune sets have Toxic, so i was hoping your suicune would also have it xD thats why I spammed it a little. Sucker punch would not really do it, and my other teammates were frail to water so i was kind of stuck xD. Cloyster is UU yeah, no OU. But honestly, this team will do better in 6vs6. :) Kecloen needs to be masterd, its all about prediction with him, I love his IV's though, it was an pain to breed but omg so great 31/31/31/31/31/27 thats almost like flawless xD

    Good to hear you had an good time :)

    Hmm.. my days could have been better. Lot of drama happend, but i'll not speak about it.

    Though I have to say Darmanitan Zen mode is Extremely hard to use.. But its cool to use it though, just hard.
    My team rocks in UU/NU, I did some online battling. I teared down EvioPorygon2 with only Kecloen using Magic goat and Snatch xD, (He had toxic plus recover)
    I loved that kill xD, I also tried the Cofa + Zoroark trick. My opponent got an suprise kill I tell you :p.

    Suicune, you little bulky ***. I get you one day!

    How's everything? :)
    I was somehow suprised that Acrobatics dind't kill suicune really :O. Archoeps had 191 attack + flying gem. Thought it would be an one hit ko :/
    Yeah gg, thanks for the battle :)
    I agree, just Callie the cute fireghost type. Your abillity would be: Cute charm xD
    You know, that really does sound cool.. It'll will be an Legendary pok!

    Haha yeah that would be great! That would be an good challange for Sprites in the Artist corner to replace the banana's with all kinds of fruits!
    If Trident was it? If he asks for an challange again, I'll say it to him xD

    I was just kidding ;), dogs are great you just have one or more? My 2 dogs want to say Hi to her/him :)
    Sweet dreams Callie!

    RE is.. hmm well it was very good. But the developers make it more action-horror instead of the good old survival horror.. So it depends what you like
    re6 is good but.. lacks in story compared to the previous ones (Expect for re5 then, suckish game) Hah true the movies suck hard :p
    James bond is not made for me, I prefer either fantasy or horrror :p

    Whats your Deviantart actually?
    I will inform Pokemon INC about an new Ghost/Fire type pokemon is discoverd, and it's called Callie-Rose
    Although giving an fire pokemon Rose in the name clashes a tiny but, but that doesnt matter. Pokemon isn't logic anyway, pokemon gets inspired by mere trash. (Yeah screw you trubbish) xD

    Haha well I'm single again, I'm allowed to xD
    TROPIUS gosh, you do have taste you know Tropius is one of my fav's ! I would love to have one in my garden.. Unlimited banana's and free rides omg that's dreaming for me xD

    Pff, i'm open for anything really xD

    I was thinking about Cofagrigus :)
    Poeple will be a little cautions hitting cofagrigus because of his Mummy ability and bulky stats and besides that, Cofa is slow too. If zoroark uses his disguise and outspeeds the target
    bam surpise KO xD They'll be like WTF? Since when is Cofagrigus so fast xD, both can do Nasty plot so thats also an cool advantage :)
    Yeah this unique team will be an UU/NU team :) Oh but we should have an battle soon, just for fun :) not now though, its like 2 AM here. I have sleeping issues :(.

    Aww.. sounds like your pretty lonely, but Azu is here to keep you warm and company xD
    Oh thats cool, I use to work in a restaurant too. Pizza delivery guy, but the place got a little bad.. no need for me anymore, its okay though
    dindt fit their really well with the other workers.

    You like horror serisouly, your cool callie xD
    I know the serie, have not seen it. But I love zombie stuff, i'm huge fan of Resident evill (Well the games atleast)
    Its an good serie?
    Type? Hmm.. I'll go with Flying :) Would love to spread wings and fly over the world crossing place to place ^^
    And if i were an pokemon I'll be Aipom, no question there. His jolly natue resembles mine and I like banana's too xD
    Hmm.. you know I think an sexy Sneasel fits you really well haha

    Oeh, we could make an game like that. Each time you catch one, I have to do something for you xD

    Thats cool, I do that aswell :p unusual poks and such you know it xD
    I have rather an Unique team now (Or well building it)
    Zoroark, Kecloen, Cofagrigus, Azumarill, Darmanitan(Zenmode), Archeops. (They all have unique abillity :D)
    And there balanced too considering stats :) I'll use it for competive defenatly.

    Thanks, its okay :) its better this way. We were 8 months together,
    but the distance between us was one of the main problems. (She was from France) I visited her 3 times and she came here where I live 1 time.
    Eventually things turned out quite bad and I broke up. No contact either, I dont believe in being friends after an intense relationship.

    I'm more busy with myself :p, getting better at Art and school and such.
    And you Rose? :) working? studying? tell mezz :D
    Hmm yeah good one, Although Murkrow does that job better xD
    But I favor all the un-evolved poks, misdreaves is always my favorite evio ghost type!

    The pleasure of your company, with some chocolates.
    I have to say that does sound really tempting xD I'm sure you are an fun person to be around with :D
    And we would feed each other the chocolate ofcourse haha

    I cannot find it in my game. (Not going to hack for it either)
    Articuno rocks, screw the SR weakness that makes him UU/BL or something. Just haven rapid spinner in your party and articuno can ripp of teamS!

    Me neither, I broke up like 5 weeks ago. I leave the option open, but i am not searching or something :p
    I love underated poks xD. Currently am breeding Kecloen, and once I got a good one I am going for.. here it comes..
    Zen Mode Darmanitan! gotta love the gimicky poks ;)

    Haha, what kind of present would I have received if you did came? :p

    Omg thats brillant.. Articuno especially, to bad I cant get it though :(
    otherwise it would have defenatly been in my " To get list "!

    How's life btw? I remember you had crush or someone no?
    How did it end up :)
    I wonder that myself too sometimes xD. But meh, its cool. I love when there pops out an shiny when I'm IV breeding xD
    Nice woobat :O I like woobat, especially the DW one. Simple + Calm mind sounds dangerous!

    Jep, they were both great battlers afterall ;), Maka is hanging at BH's clan. While Aenea is leader of the ... crap I forgot the name
    something with steel and lighting.. :p Preston, naw he's in Aenea's clan I believe. I dont really bother the kid.

    Aw, your great Callie thats sweet of you to say ;)
    Yeah I received alot of presents, and there was alot of laughter. The movie was on, but noone really watched it xD
    You should have come too you know!

    I had to make an sig of Azumarill, I mean.. Azu.. Azumarill.. Azulart xD
    thanks ^^
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