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Mar 28, 2012
Likes Received:
Apr 6, 1994 (Age: 26)
Crimefighting with Deadpool
College kid

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    1. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Np. Can trade in like 5 hours
    2. Dragalge
      There is one! Granted it's somewhat of a drive but it's nice to know that my state wasn't left out! :D

      Wait what about Aquafina? :o

      I still need to get Nebby 2.0 Just to clarify, if I trade my Cosmog from my own Moon to another person with Sun, my Cosmog will become a Solgaleo? It's not like how Puprocks evolves? .___.

      Thank you so much! Especially Velouria! :D
    3. Dragalge
      I'll be sure to try it! I just hope there's a Bubble Tea Shop close by from where I live. .__.

      All we need now is a drink based off of Tapu Fini! Any suggestions?

      That describes Xurkitree very well actually. :p Plus it's surprisingly adorable in Refresh!

      Nice! I can't wait to trade my Pokemon to you (and I'm going to start some more IV breeding things so look forward to it!)!
    4. Lunala
      I hav liek 50 cri for that but i can only give 1 liek.help
    5. Lunala
      Idk I'm broke. Maybe a bag of chips.

      Also seeing Nator with a tail pinned to him
    6. Lunala
      You have been invited to the SPPF New Year Celebration! Join in the fun with your favourite non-permabanned members as we celebrate the fantastically bad year that was 2016!

      There will be
      - Pin The Tail On Nator
      - Mike Pence's obituary!
      - Celery and dip!
      - And so much more!
    7. Lunala
      I meant to say hag.
    8. Lunala
      I always picture you as an old british lady when you call me that
    9. Dragalge
      Ah I see. I thought that they were smoothie shops of sorts considering when I looked at some images, they looked pretty colorful. And yeah they didn't do that did they! We also need Red Bulu in the mix as well. :p

      Best part is that there are two Xurkitree for double the breakdancing! Let's just hope one of them doesn't get exhausted because it falls flat on the ground when it faints (I got a laugh when I saw Xurkitree's fainting animation). :p
    10. Dragalge
      I googled a Bubble Tea shop and I didn't expect it involve smoothies in some way. .__. Well if it does happen, they can't forget about Tapu Cocoa. :p That's true...and we finally got Cosmoem's Sugimori artwork at least too... .__.

      Another connection between our boy Guzma and Xurkitree is that the former runs an evil team all about rapping and Xurkitree seems like the Pokemon to jam to its music. :p

      (I should probably post in Train, Store, Release too!)
    11. Dragalge
      All I know about Tapu Koko is that its name reminds me of that "top kek" phrase thrown around here and there. In addition to non-Play Rough Tapu Koko, how does Solgaleo not get Psychic Fangs? It's literally a telekinetic world-crossing lion. .__.

      Xurkitree is even more frightening under Electric Terrain too. It used that against me and well everything that's not a Ground Pokemon gets zapped into a crisp. Also for some reason Xurkitree reminds me of Guzma due to their white hair/star head and black clothing/coloring.

      (I posted! :D )
    12. Dragalge
      That seems like a cool idea! I must first EV train Tapu Koko and then I'll do what you recommended (or not. I think Fini gives 3 Sp Defense EVs and I can lower that afterwards with a berry). I just hope when I switch out my Abra, she doesn't use Aqua Ring. Speaking of Tapu Koko, how does it not get Play Rough? .__.

      It's bad enough that my Toucannon had to become bait for Xurkitree. I swapped out my Espeon/Alakazam to it only to let the tree fry the bird. Kommo-o would then Dragon Claw + False Swipe it until Xurkitree fried it too. After that it came to hoping the Beast Ball working.

      In the end, Toucannon and Kommo-o did their jobs but in a painful and zap-inducing way. ;__;
    13. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting

      Finals keeping you busy then?

      We'll.have to trade tommoroe then as its late over here
    14. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Sounds complicated.

      You available now?
    15. Dragalge
      I'm finally making progress!

      I caught Tapu Bulu meaning I just need to catch Tapu Fini which I know will be a pain considering it has Aqua Ring. ;_; I guess a Water Absorb user with Taunt could help?

      As for the Ultra Beasts, I finally caught both Xurkitree and now I get to catch those bamboo rocket things. .__.
    16. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      What ya studying?
    17. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Ready to trade :)
    18. Lunala
      What's an SPPF mom?
    19. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Its cool. No rush
    20. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Np. :)

      Will breed them right away
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  • About

    Apr 6, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Crimefighting with Deadpool
    College kid
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nicknames: Minnah, Indie, bishie (Only to 1rkhachatryan).

    Trainer Info:
    Became an official Pokemon trainer on 12/25/2001. Originally chose Cyndaquil, but because I initially didn't know how to save (total noob), I chose Totodile as my partner on my next file, and he's been my #1 partner ever since. I've continued my trainer career since that "mistake" Christmas present (originally asked for a Tamagotchi Pikachu edition toy, or whatever they're called).

    I recently got into competitive battling, and have since been building teams for that purpose. A couple are thematic, while the others are randomly built teams to test and enjoy. They're all based on Mons I really like (except my Least Favorites team, of course).
    I also play Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Smash Bros. and other fighting games, Kirby, and a couple games off the 3DS eShop. I'll be glad to play first-person shooters, though I admit I'm a noob at them.

    I'm that one trainer on X and Y who tries to keep things fair to everyone. I make trades fair and despise people with complicated trades (damn you, capitalism...). I give shout outs to those from my home state, foreign states with my childhood marked all over it, or who have birthdays when they're playing. I send a "Nice!" to those who have finally caught their first shinies or shout out their most noteworthy accomplishments. Even when it's an outdated shout out, I'll be there to send you that elusive Hatching Power and don't care one bit about wasting its energy if I'm hatching eggs simultaneously. While I wish I could get what I'm looking for in return for my good deeds, I'd prefer seeing you guys have an easy time getting what you want, no hassles guaranteed.

    Brown hair with matching brown eyes. White-caramel Latina >.> Quite tall for your average chick, 5'7"-5'8". I'm normally a gentle giant, but I despise being confronted for my height. As always, "It's not that I'm really tall, you're just really short." My hair is the root of every woman's jealousies, all the ones I know. Not my fault my hair happens to be a thicker reincarnation of Farrah Fawcett's hair...

    As a lady, I take fashion seriously. "I don't dress to impress, I simply wake up with fashion-forward fabulousness." I'm usually very friendly and approachable, though I suggest you stay on my good side unless you wanna be sassed or butted out. I treat others with utmost care, I defend them the way I would defend myself. Once/If you manage to get past my honey-badger-don't-care attitude, you'll find someone to come to when needed. Though as a heads up, I'll let you know that I'm not shy or narrow-minded whatsoever, so come talk to me about anything you'd like; I'm a great listener.

    Random fact about me:
    -Lately, I've had this strange obsession with all kinds of soups. Maybe it's just the College Syndrome working its magic on me, but it doesn't mean I buy countless instant noodles with which to indulge myself. By soups, I mean all the lovely cheap soups at my campus, Pho noodle soups, and Panera soups. If it includes chicken, it really does work wonders for the soul.
    -Studying Linguistics in college has made me a fan of foreign music all over. I'll even try to do what I can to dissect bits and pieces of a song for the fun of it. My favorites are:

    -Stromae - Tous Les Memes
    -Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro
    -Gianni Morandi - In Ginocchio da te
    -Amr Diab - El Leila
    -Stromae - Alors On Danse
    -Nassif Zeytoun - Ya Tayr El Ghouroub
    -Sara'h - Hello (French Adele cover)

    Fine...you asked for it. My top friends list (with a very descriptive title for each...):

    1. 1rkhachatryan - My Bishie (And One Friend Who Manages To Both Love And Annoy Me Simultaneously) (Only I get to call him Bishie...)
    2. -Nator- - My Loyal Friend And Personal Cheerleader
    3. Torterra_4_the_win - MARVELous Bestie :p
    4. Dragalge - My Silly Skiddo And Scarfmentalityshipping Buddy :3
    5. Coshi The Pikachu - My Ever-So Jolly Tim Tam
    6. Dew Watatsumi - Buttkicking "Know-It-All" Friend
    7. Myrrh - A Reserved But Valuable Friend

    For everyone else, you know you're getting there if:
    1. I start calling you by my most used terms of endearment very often (m'dear, love, or kiddo <---(reserved to those 1 year younger than me or more])
    2. I freely start speaking nonsense words to you.
    3. I start giving you advice like a mom...or something.

    Titles in Pokemon Games (Self-made):

    -Veteran Pokemon Trainer
    -IV Breeder
    -Intermediate EV Trainer
    -Rookie Competitive Battler
    -Expert Name Rater (My biggest deed)
    -The Fair Trader


    -Collection of more than 10 legit shinies
    -Lowest amount of hooks til shiny: 2 bites.
    -Successfully engrossed in a weapons game: MGS series

    And now, some Pokemon pet peeves:

    1. People who pronounce Lopunny's name wrong (It's LOP-unny, not LOW-punny...)
    2. People who pronounce Lysandre's name wrong (It's LIE-san-der, and I know this from having read Midsummer Night's Dream)
    3. Crits in a Nuzlocke
    4. EV Training...
    5. Oshawott m8? (Not even Joe knew where Nintendo of America pulled that name from, and to this day he still probably doesn't know...way to go, Nintendo of America.)

    Since everyone else's making a bunch of lists, I might as well make mine.

    Top 5 Fave Legendaries:
    1. Raikou
    2. Ho-oh
    3. Articuno
    4. Latios
    5. Virizion

    Top 5 Fave Regular Pokemon:
    1. Feraligatr
    2. Arcanine
    3. Lucario
    4. Flygon
    5. Espeon

    Top 5 Favorite Types:
    1. Ice
    2. Fire
    3. Water
    4. Fairy
    5. Electric

    Top 5 Fave Eeveelutions:
    1. Espeon
    2. Jolteon
    3. Glaceon
    4. Sylveon
    5. Umbreon

    Top 5 Favorite Consoles:
    1. SNES
    2. Gamecube
    3. N64
    4. Wii
    5. GBA SP

    Top 5 Favorite Music Genres:
    1. Indie Techno/Rock
    2. Punk Rock
    3. Electronic/Industrial Rock
    4. Mexican Softies
    5. Drum & Bass Techno

    Top 5 Favorite DJs:
    1. Alesso
    2. Avicii
    3. Calvin Harris
    4. Cash Cash
    5. Kaskade / Vicetone

    Top 5 Favorite Superheroes:
    1. Deadpool
    2. Captain America
    3. Rocket Raccoon
    4. Spiderman
    5. Kitty Pryde

    Top 5 Movies of My Childhood:
    1. Princess Mononoke
    2. Pocahontas
    3. The Fox and the Hound
    4. My Neighbor Totoro
    5. Pokemon: The 1st Movie

    Top 5 Favorite Characters:
    1. Julie-Su (Archie Sonic)
    2. Felyne (Monster Hunter)
    3. Amy Rose (Archie Sonic)
    4. Misty (Pokemon)
    5. Sapphire (Pokemon Manga)

    Top 5 Fave Instruments:
    1. Saxophone
    2. Acoustic Guitar
    3. Piano
    4. Bass Guitar
    5. Accordion/Trumpet

    Top 10 Favorite Memes:
    1. Side Eyeing Chloe
    2. Photoshop Compilations
    3. Moon Moon meme
    4. Chubby Bubbles
    5. Doge (I have a love/hate relationship with the meme)
    6. Zuckerberg Note Pass
    7. Brushie Brushie/Hail Hydra
    8. Boardroom Suggestion/Staredad/Handsome Face
    9. CSI 4 Pane
    10. Strutting Leo/Prancing Cera

    Top 7 Happy Songs:
    1. The Smiths - This Charming Man
    2. Miami Horror - Holidays
    3. Junior Senior - Itch U Can't Skratch
    4. Con Bro Chill - We Should Hang Out
    5. Foster The People - Houdini
    6. Radical Something - Say Yes
    7. Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee

    Top 10 Songs from Memory Lane:
    1. DJ Bobo - Chihuahua / OV7 - Shabadabada
    2. Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
    3. Cash Cash - Dynamite
    4. Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro
    5. Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue
    6. Gypsy Kings - Djobi Djoba
    7. Gypsy Kings - Volare
    8. Juanes - Es Por Ti / Oreja De Van Gogh - Rosas
    9. Alicia Villareal - Ay Papasito
    10. Andy Lopez - Noche Del Amor

    Top 5 Favorite Trios:
    1. Beasts
    2. Birds
    3. Musketeers
    4. Weather
    5. Origin

    Top 5 Event Legendaries:
    1. Manaphy
    2. Shaymin-Sky
    3. Mew
    4. Jirachi
    5. Deoxys-Speed

    Top 6 Favorite Starters:
    1. Totodile
    2. Charmander
    3. Fennekin
    4. Oshawott
    5. Treecko
    6. Piplup

    Top 5 Normal-Type Companions:
    (I know I've had at least one Normal in every team that didn't make Top 5's elsewhere)
    1. Lopunny
    2. Furret
    3. Persian
    4. Delcatty
    5. Wigglytuff

    Top 5 Gen 1's:
    1. Arcanine
    2. Articuno
    3. Persian
    4. Gyarados
    5. Jolteon

    Top 5 Gen 2's:
    1. Feraligatr
    2. Raikou
    3. Ho-oh
    4. Espeon
    5. Ampharos

    Top 5 Gen 3's:
    1. Flygon
    2. Beautifly
    3. Milotic
    4. Sceptile
    5. Gardevoir

    Top 5 Gen 4's:
    1. Lopunny
    2. Lucario
    3. Empoleon
    4. Glaceon
    5. Luxray

    Top 5 Gen 5's:
    1. Whimsicott
    2. Samurott
    3. Liepard
    4. Virizion
    5. Reshiram

    Top 5 Gen 6's (not counting Megas):
    1. Delphox
    2. Hawlucha
    3. Sylveon
    4. Pyroar-F
    5. Gogoat

    Top 5 Favorite Shinies:

    (List will grow and change with every new idea...)

    Did you actually read all the way down to this point? Did my list really not bore you? Then maybe you have something to say...

    Drawing, video games, writing, derping on the Internet, listening to all the music in the world


    Team Pose by Astral Shadow.
    DA Account here

    ;160;Proud owner of my childhood partner, Feraligatr ♡;160;