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  • You didn't know? My, oh my... you did miss out on a lot. :I
    The concept of Colosseum and XD was cool, but XD's final battle is ridiculous if you're trying to snag all the Shadow Pokes. Aside that, it was pretty easy to snag all the beasts individually in Colosseum. Only problem was, I didn't have a GBA or R/S/E at the time because of temporarily being burnt out on the handheld Pokemon series. 3rd Gen was a dead spot for me.
    Haven't quite decided what I'll nickname my Xerneas. I like to nickname all my Pokemon the first time around playing a fresh game. I was thinking Chaz Finster for Chespin and KungFu for Pancham, but that's as far as I got.
    "Hm, wonder what the image is??? Oh, okay >.>" That hamburger one was an ordeal to figure out, hot damn. Ernj jews looks.....kinda weird .-.
    I always in favor of a Jynx evo. Electabuzz and Magmar got one, so it's only fair if Jynx did, and your idea works perfectly!
    Back in the day, I would always trade with myself on Pokemon Stadium/Stadium 2 to get what Pokemon I wanted. I didn't have to own two Gameboys or hunt down someone who likes Pokemon.
    I have Gales of Darkness, apparently the Colosseum/XD series is somewhat rare now. An average copy of Colosseum runs for $60.
    Well that's really good to know, actually! A lot of people dislike Xerneas simply because it's another deer Poke. I can't help but love the design and those rainbow antlers, though.
    I've always bee in favor of both Mawile and Sableye evos.
    Urg, why are there so many stones? There were enough when the Sun Stone was introduced. There's far too many evolution methods.
    Yep, and this would make Australia the first (rather than last) place to get Pokemon games for the first time... something tells me I worded that horribly.
    Wait, you like Xerneas over Yveltal? Can you type that again to I make sure my eyes aren't playing tricks on me???
    If you're for real, then I am absolutely astounded I'm not the only one who thinks Xerneas > Yveltal.
    You sure know how to spell his name better than I do haha. I used to watch it for the first couple seasons. His voice is just so memorable.
    Oh snap, gotta watch out for those roided rabbits, they might tear me a new one.
    Attention is good, Magnemite sure got it when he acquired the Steel type.
    You make a great point, I suppose the Sun and Moon stones could be used for other Eeveelutions.
    I'm gonna see if any place will have them at midnight, though I doubt it. Darn Australia gets them before everyone else...
    Which are you getting? X for me.
    But did Jorgon serve in the military? Every time I see that guy's face, I get his voice stuck in my head.
    Volkner already looks kinda feminine if you ask me.
    It's possible all Pika-clones will adopt the Fairy type, except Emolga because it's already dual-typed.
    Lopunny will get it for sure, another who comes to mind is Skitty. I expect there to be a lot of Normal/Fairy types. A lot.
    They could always change the evolution method of Espeon and Umbreon, and have Sylveon and the Dragon evo evolve through happiness instead.
    Who knows. It's hard to believe we're a mere two months away from the games! I still haven't reserved my copy, but I'm not too concerned. Pokemon isn't wildly popular in my area like it used to be.
    How about you?
    I don't really, but at the same time I just don't feel all that good initiating things .-.
    Wouldn't make Surge look so manly if Raichu became part Fairy. :p
    I see Pachirisu a lot in double battles, its move-set can be quite the irk. Adding a Fairy type to it could potentially make it that much better.
    Chansey will definitely be Fairy, and maybe Luvdisk and Alomomola?
    I'm going with a Dragon evo, only because when Espeon and Umbreon were released, Umbreon was a new type who trumped Espeon, so it would make sense for their to be a Dragon evo (given Fairy is actually immune to Dragon).
    Then maybe next Gen we can get a Flying and Ground type.
    Nooo, Pikachu is fine the way he is. Plusle and Minun are better candidates, or even Pachirisu.
    Snubbull definitely needs to be Fairy. It will annoy me greatly if he's not.
    What type to be expect the new Eeveelution to be? (& if you haven't heard, it's heavily rumored there will indeed be a second new Eeveelution).
    If not, I easily see Whimsicott being retyped to Grass/Fairy.
    My personal favorite is still Pancham. Gonna be honest with you, I'm not fond of the new Fairy types, except Xerneas. Also, I don't know about you, but Marill to me looks nothing like a fairy.
    You're right, I should remain silent.

    So onto a safer subject, who is your favorite X/Y Pokemon revealed so far?
    Unless something totally unexpected comes up, I will. I pretty much promised everybody at this point.
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