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  • What I meant was that I wouldn't be able to use her if her secret was revealed (we're near the finals and she can lose). If she happens to win, or her secret isn't even revealed, then she's definitely in for the next one. XD
    Agreed! It needs a delay or something to make it less cheap.
    What's your most hated final smash move?
    Fox was a beast in the original.
    Ah, Pikachu.. you're not the type to abuse Thunder, are you? Haha.
    She sounds like such an awesome teacher

    Ahh, we were just taught petite means small, she didn't really go into word history with us. Hmm, I don't recall that episode, it must have been in the really early seasons. Wonderful, we get to keep Delilah around!
    Stories!? We don't do that at all. I'm starting to get envious and want your teacher

    So... Hmm, I'm guessing that means No problem, young one? I do know rein means nothing, iirc.
    Oh, sorry. Wait......dammit, I read "erndersternd" as.....something leading me to think you said you didn't receive my message, my bad >.> The word is relax, how does your team relax?
    She just has us conjugate into the verp formes. Rarely do we ever fill in or write stories. We just do conjugations and write sentences, sometimes that's an entire class day.

    Oh! Merci!
    How did she teach you guys? My teacher is like

    *Writes Avoir, Etre, Faire, Venir, Aller, Manger, Repeter, and jouer on the board*

    Congigate (Or however it's spelled )


    Does not compute Also the Secret Story OP has been updated.
    Our French teacher is anything but sweet, and she drills the verbs into our heads, not the basics... So we commonly have to go back and look things up.

    Ahh, yea, I understand that. It makes more sense when thought about it in Parisian French Can you be my french teacher instead ?
    Ahh, same with me XD

    It must be, I wish we had a variety of French teachers at my school... Our current one isn't really that good at teaching the language

    That does make sense, I did think of because, but I didn't see a nous so I didn't think of we, or an on.
    Or we could use Google Translate

    Yea. One entire team was inactive

    *Overload* I'm still learning French 1 by U.S. Highschool standards. Though, I can roughly translate it

    First sentenceI just get no. It's the forest. Perfect for summer, and also camping (Or something along that). Yaay no google translate.
    I think it would add a really nice diversity Season Four if we did a Russian theme in Siberia, but yea I do like the French theme

    Yea, I think that's really what can kill a game, inactivity. I think a good diversity will be really nice as well.

    Est-ce que la mer? (I'm learning French as well...)
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