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  • Hm I agree.

    Mind if I ask what college? I'm in 11th right now so I'll be applying soon, my two top colleges are UC Berkely and UC Davis.
    I've been thinking of getting Monster Hunter, but probably not any time soon since I just bought Fire Emblem and I usually only get two to three videogames per year...

    And yeah, no idea on how it would work. Maybe they won't have one.

    Are you in High School? You sound like a high schooler, or maybe you're in college
    Ah, I forgot about the French. At least I'm pretty sure you mentioned it.
    I have a grasp of it, I'm just too lazy to type it which diminishes my ability to read it.
    Except I'm not an expert in Spanish sadly. Maybe not even close enough. But you, you're the ture tri-linguist : o
    Yeah I know, I thought you were telling me bench-something or something.
    Bessy sure influenced her. XD Now she doesn't have to just sit and read. There's always a spot for her to go, right next to Leviathan. XD
    And then typing it out is a whole other step @_o
    Oho, if you're willing to share I'm looking forward to it. What is berchern..........OH! >.>
    Mariokart is definitely something you should consider getting as well. Epic Mickey? Not to be mean, but... I thought the demo sucked...

    I wonder if there's going to be an X/Y demo. I can't see how there will be.
    I knew they were TMs, I just didn't remember them being purchase-able, let alone that early. I already said this though. It's like I'm a broken record, what with me saying things I've already said again. I think I should say it again just to b *shot*

    I got mine about a year and a half ago. My games are Kid Icarus Uprising, Mariokart, and Ocarina of Time. I also bought Kingdom Hearts but I really hate it and I think I'm gonna try to return or sell it. And my copy of Fire Emblem Awakening should arrive in the mail sometime this week.
    Kid Icarus Uprising is without a doubt the best video game I have ever played, period. I would strongly suggest getting a copy. You might be put off by the trailer, and I'll admit that I was too, but once I bought it I just couldn't believe how good it was. And they are going to stop making copies soon, so if you ever decide you want to get it... yeah.

    Is MGS good? It was probably my favorite of any of the demos that I've downloaded. Didn't really enjoy the aiming controls though.
    Oh, I didn't realize it could be bought, and early too. HG/SS had buy-able Fire Blast and stuff though that soon o_O
    Oh, really? I've never seen the "Colors on the wall" part of the title, I've always just seen it as "Don't Stop". Speaking of which, have you heard of the band Innerpartysystem? They're kind of electro-rock and they have a bunch of glitchy noises in their songs but they're great.

    Hmm so do you have a 3ds?
    No, not Pumped Up Kicks... I think it's called Don't Stop.

    Hoooooooly crap Reptilia is awesome. I loooooove the guitar in it.

    Well I don't know a lot by Sufjan Stevens but his song Chicago is amazing. I've had it stuck in my head for a week. Also you might want to check out Alt-J, they're one of the weirdest bands I've ever heard but they are so damn catchy.

    And, uh... Metric maybe? You probably know them. Gold Guns Girls has one of the best beats ever.
    I'm sure there are some pokemon that should be only one gender but are both anyway. I believe mawile is based on Japanese folklore of some woman who grows a second head/mouth thing because she was starving herself or something. Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if it were female only though.

    Yeah. If you're lucky you might not even need a fire attack, though if it's something you really want then I guess there's no going around it.
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