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  • omg yessssssss sorry im not the only one i love the white and blue the most as well, i can't stand the other colors other people tell me different XD
    yeah it was blurry and i can't fix it my camera sucks sorry that is the best you can get but you get the point do to the sparkle sound XD and sure if i got a extra one ill work something out ^_^
    oh yeah i can help you out with trade evolving that is no problem ^_^ and alright fine then ill just cancel our trade then but i still feel bad but if you alright with it i guess ill just accept it XD also i will still be breeding nasty plot toegpi's still despite the trade being off if you want it still we can work something else out...
    i could just breed it with a male ralts lol I don't need any egg moves but yeah i know that its not in the fairy egg group but i though i may of changed cauz of its new typing but i was wrong XD i was trying to say it doesn't make sense since it is a fairy type now LOL anyway yeah i do want her cuaz of spikes and weather ball but i could just transfer a clone of my rng male to breed the egg moves on some pokemon hmmm decisions i really feel bad though that you made that roselia for me but i can still breed that xatu you asked and for the guy that i was suppose to trade with couldn't log on thats why it took so long serebii was keeping him from signing on for some reason >.>
    strange thing roselia will not breed with her cuaz strangely enough shroomish in the fairy group can't breed with her as well as well as any fairy type can't breed with her >.> its strange i tried it but they never worked and both genders were opposite...
    thank you i made a video btw of it its on youtube my username is the same as my name here so it will be easy to find :p its ivs are actually decent i can use her too :3 i wen to the battle insitute to check the ivs better with the caluculator and i got this :3
    31/24/31/30/31/31 :D i can use her no problem ^_^

    also really you would give to me for free 0_0 i would feel bad though but i can iv breed a xatu if you want me too but i do plan on mming a shiny ralts next in premier ball
    hey calm im gunna breed your togepi soon now im gunna go try to trade with someone he has a male togepi with plot i i can get it for his shellos he wants ill use it but if i can't ill have to get a male to breed with first then which i got my shiny flabebe btw :p 72 eggs fastest mm yet in x and y which i still want that roselia for other breeding for shinies so i don't want to waste that trade cuaz you worked hard for me :3
    anyway sorry for sylpheon she need to ask me to clean out my box but at the time we weren't friends but she can vm now so avoid that message but good news i finally got hold of the guy that had my japanese shroomish but im not backing down on our trade i need that roselia still so ill make your togepi after i get my togepi :3
    FairyWitch has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    tbh i don't think so lol cauz its in a premier ball and i think that would be the best for a shiny eevee XD
    your welcome and no don't be sorry i like learning different language pokemon names :p espeically eevee btw calm did you know i ran into a shiny eevee in friend safari like two or three weeks ago it was epic the nature is meh and ivs are so so but it still a cute shiny :3
    yep no problem and if you still need anything let me know im here to help you my friend and awesome i had to look up that name cuaz i wasn't familar to its german name which is ralts i see :p and i completely understand...also i will be opening our shop soon becuase bank is right around the corner i will be offering rng breeding through bank and regular iv breeding in 6th gen as well so it will be fun ^_^ so if you need a specific hidden power i can breed you parents on my black version and then transfer to be used in 6th gen :3
    aww thanks yeah im still trying to get my togepi 0_0 the 5 ivs keep going in the wrong places lol ill let you know though thank you :3
    no problem my friend take your time trust me it may be a bit to get your pokemon as well night :3
    hahaha thanks :3 i could use the ability pickpocket too :p both would work though...ill let you know when its ready male or female does it matter?
    yeah i know i was just saying lol and yeah i know about heartscale but im not sure how to get it in the game never need to relearn something yet XD but once i find it i can do it for you :3
    alright that is fine and btw no im breeding with no egg moves do to my set will not have any egg moves but i can get a nasty plot one for you i can just need to breed it with pulse or minun to get it which i nee to catch one then either relearn the move or get it to level 56...
    it just needs to be male and can breed with flabebe with a spread of 31/x/31/31/31/31 which i think you said shroomish was the one that has it? im so confused lol i really want to mm it soon cuaz i want to use it in one of my teams and i want it shiny XD if you have anything like that i would love you and what do you need for it? i am breeding togepi's right now in premier balls if i get another female with a ability you want i can trade you with 5 iv unless you want something else i can work something out...
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