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  • Oakly, Syain hi.
    Also, about what Killer Squirtle said, don't listen.
    Yami Ryu is a perfectly fine person who tell people how to correct their Fanfics. SHe is a critic. But she is an exceptionly good RPer, and writer. People just assume she is out to get them when she corrects them (happened to me a long time ago).
    Killer Squirtle is paranoid if she thinks Ryu will join the RPG just to bully her. If she does, it is because it is an awesome RPG.

    Oh, and I am finished with my little... suprise. I just need to find a way to get it up in less than 10 post (internal service error).
    Cam-chan (yes, I changed your nickname) I have a problem. if someone named Yami Ryu tries to enter Vindex PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF KARMA DON'T! She's been cyber bullying me for a while now and might come after me in the RPG! just thought I'd let you know.
    I only made one before, and I rushed making it (25 minutes).
    It was pretty cool, and I didn't have newbs in it... but it did die before the first mission due to the fact of... people stopped posting... plus I killed someone off when they broke a rule for the forth time.
    I only have 4 classes completed, but I have the others planned.
    I am sorry to hear about the heticness.
    I plan to have my RP done before Christmas... hopefully tonight, but I won't rush.
    I know your very busy.

    But when you have the time can you look over my Team Magma grunt and see if she can be accepted?
    Thank you so much for looking it over.
    I will post it when I get the last touches finished.
    And I second Moogle's notion. Did you make that awesome picture in your sig?
    Yeah. Thanks.
    As for being late, don't worry about it. Most people wait a day or two before getting an answer. Hoping for a instantanious answer would be childish, seeing as no-one can be on all of the time.
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