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My first game was pokemon crystal, I played that when I was 4 and my first pokemon was cyndaquil <3 It is hard for me to choose a favorite pokemon because I love so many of them ♥ but I will have to say dialga! I will be happy to trade ^.^ I give a lot of breedable pokemon away. If there's any other way I can help you I will try my best! I also collect shiny pokemon so I am on the lookout for those. Also don't be afraid to send a friend request or message/Pmail I won't bite :) and also Magikarp can jump over mountains

Playing video games and listening to Monstercat
Dec 15, 1997 (Age: 25)
Washington (PST)
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code


;313;X/3DS Friend code: 5370-0916-9648;166;
Name: Cameron
I have all breedable pokemon, just ask if you need one, all I ask is for you to add me as a friend for the safari
Current MM: ;egg;;349;