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  • lol to me though its a random friend request i just meet is what i mean XD its fine though...also why did you send me a friend request btw? yeah photoshop is nice but is like 700 dollars for the newest version...the cheapest way to go is gimp...
    he uses photoshop like i do XD saw your message on his shop :p i like to look at other shops besides mine sometimes cuaz i love art so much ;) nice to meet you...normally i don't accept random friend request but you seem alright :)
    Uh, I'm sorry to hear that. I know how you feel, that happened to me a lot of times.

    Well, take your time. I'm going to sleep now since is very late here in Italy. See you soon! :)
    It doesn't really matter to me. Maybe a male so I can decide later which evolution he should have.
    Oh, I have every single DS version, so you don't have to worry about compatibilities. Currently I'm playing Black 2, but I'm arranging a team for a Challenge Run in Pokemon White 2.
    How generous. :)

    Well, if you're so willing to waste time for me (XD)... I'd like a shiny member of the Ralts family. I like their azure heads. ^^
    no problem ill let u know if i come across any of the other pokemon your looking for to complete ur dex n the shinx is awsome thanks alot
    Hello from me and Pinkie Pie^-^ We both sent you friend requests thank you for saying hi to us ^_^
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