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  • Wow!The date is pretty cool and lucky as well! 7 is a lucky number,I have heard people say! :D
    I am stressed for my exams.That's it. :/ That's what you can expect from a student. :'(
    Your welcome!
    it's great to see after so many days here! :0
    battle!That must be fun!!excited for pokemon Sun and Moon? :)
    That's the spirit! I like people like you! So you are a poke and contest shipper.You can visit the shipping community and post there.And if u like Rocketshipping then I whole heartedly welcome you to the Rocketshipping thread!Do post there!
    And games,I don't know much abt them but I would choose the first one..red and blue I guess.( I am sorry I don't know much abt the games)
    Nah not really.I am new to the anime and just season 6 concluded here.Also I haven't played the games.I am a Rocketshipper and dislike pokeshiping a lot.So I am sorry.But anyway I don't think that would hamper our "New" friendship right?You can chat with me whenever you wish.
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